15 Small Bathrooms But Great Decoration Ideas


The space available may be a little bit of a problem when decorating small bathrooms. But this shouldn’t stop you from decorating them in a great way. So, it is of great importance to get the most of the space available, in order to place everything you need over there.

You need to choose the right design for your bathroom, so that it can fit in all of your beauty tools and products, toiletries, towels etc. And in order to get you inspired of how you can decorate your bathroom, we have chosen several great decoration ideas for small bathrooms.  Check them out!

15 Great Decoration Ideas For Small Bathrooms

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Photo via: homedit.com
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There are certain rules that you should follow when decorating a small bathroom.

  • Choose the right bathtub for your bathroom. You can opt for a corner or triangular bathtub since they don’t take much space.
  • Also, glass shower cubicles can make the space look bigger than it is.
  • When it comes to colors, opt for lighter color scheme, since light colors make the space look bigger.
  • Add bigger windows if possible. The more natural light there is, the bigger the bathroom will appear.
  • And if there is no space for bigger windows, then add more light fixtures.
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Photo via: sanctuarybathrooms.co.uk
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When decorating a small bathroom, you should try to get the most of the space available. So, make sure to fill those corners, and thus move freely through the bathroom. And when it comes to storage solutions, there should be some great ones in order to fit in everything. So, you can even use the space over the toilet, you can add some open shelves, vertical or corner drawers, built-in niches etc.

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Photo via: deavita.com
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So, which one from the above small bathrooms did you like the best? Tell us in the comments and make sure to follow the above tips and rules and thus be able to get the most of the space in your small bathroom. And of course stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other decor ideas for your home.