15 Striped Living Room Designs


Stripes are a trendy pattern that should be part of your outfit ideas, but also you can try to incorporate into your home decor. The living room is the right place for experimenting with different patterns and themes, so why not try to add some stripes into your living room. Below, we have made a photo collection of 15 Striped Living Room Designs that you can draw inspiration from of how make this trendy pattern part of your living room design.

Stripes are  far less overwhelming than many other patterns, and they are easy to pull off. There are several ways of adding stripes into your living room. One way is to go for some striped accent walls. You can either choose to paint the wall or simply choose a striped wallpaper. And of course the striped patterns can be quite versatile, from horizontal to vertical ones, thick or thin, couple of them or a palette of several stripes in different colors. If you have a small living room, we advice you to choose just two colors of stripes and if the space is not a problem into your living room, then you can opt for striped patterns with several colors. And another rule that you should have in mind when choosing striped accent walls is to keep the rest of the room decor simple and not to add any other patterns. Striped sofa designs are another option of incorporating stripes into your living room, when you want to make them the focal point into the room. Or if walls and sofas are not the spots in your room where you can see stripes, then maybe you can just add some striped accessories like pillows, curtains or rugs. Choose a pattern according to your taste, but make sure the colors match with the rest of the room decor.  Scroll down now to see the striped living room designs we have chosen for you today and decide on how you will add this trendy pattern into your living room. Enjoy!

15 Striped Living Room Designs

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Tell us in the comments which one from the above striped living room designs is your favorite and of course, don’t forget to stay up to date with our content to find many other inspiring ideas for your home decor.