15 Unusual Ways To Reuse Shower Curtain Rings And Hooks


The shower curtain rings or hooks are used for holding up the shower curtain. And besides over there, they can be also found in some drawer together with some other tiny items that we keep just in case it happens we need them somehow. Shower curtain rings and hooks can be reused in so many different ways, most of them for organizing different items. Today, we are bringing to you 15 such ways of how to reuse them and we bet that for some of these uses you never really thought about before. Check them out and let us know in the comments which one of these uses you will try to copy. Enjoy!

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Use Shower Curtain Rings To Hang Belts

One way to store your belts is to hang them on shower curtain ring. Choose to organize them by color or width.

shower curtain hook for belts
Photo via: smilelikeyoumeanit.net

Organize Scarves

Scarves can be also organized on shower rings. Put several of them on a single hanger and have them organized. This will also save you some space in the closet.

Photo via: hip2save.com

Hair Band Organizer

If you keep loosing your hair bands, then you should take one of those shower rings and place them on it.

elastics on ring 1_edited-1
Photo via: shadytreediary.blogspot.com

Hang Dish Towel

You can also add a shower ring to the handle of the dishwasher to let the dish towels dry out between uses.

Photo via: onecrazyhouse.com

Jewelry Organizer

Shower curtain hooks can be also used for organizing jewelry to keep them entangled.

Photo via: curbly.com

Purse Hanger

Purses shouldn’t be placed on the floor, so how about you place some S-shaped hooks on the closet’s rod to hang them.

Photo via: brit.co

Kitchen Utensil Organizer

Some of the kitchen utensils can be also stored on S-shaped shower hooks and thus keep the kitchen cabinet clutter free.

Photo via: brit.co

DIY Hat Organizer

Just like storing the scarves on a single hanger, you can also do the same with your baseball hats.

diy hat organizer
Photo via: housedressingstyle.com

Bra Organizer

Shower curtain rings can be also used for hanging bras and thus keep them in good shape.

Phoot via: savvyhousekeeping.com

Shower Organizer

Besides using the shower curtain hooks for holding up the shower curtain, you can also use them for hanging all your shower products.

shower hacks
Photo via: cosmopolitan.com

DIY Mini Wreaths

Shower curtain rings can be also turned into ornaments.  Wrap them up with some yarn and add some bows to make mini wreaths.

diy mini wreaths
Photo via: smilelikeyoumeanit.net

Ring Toss Game

You can also make a ring toss game for your kids using glass bottles and shower curtain rings.

Photo via: blog.darice.com

Shower Curtain Ring Bracelet

And if you wrap a shower curtain ring with some fabric, you can  turn it into a unique bracelet.

Photo via: uncommondesignsonline.com

DIY Rose Napkin Rings

Shower curtain rings can be also used as napkin rings. You can decorate them in different ways and one of them can be to wrapped them up and add a rose on the top.

Photo via: thechicsite.com

DIY Leaf Napkin Rings

Or you can also wrap up curtain rings with some twine and attach some leaf on the side to create beautiful napkin rings.

leaf napkin rings
Photo via: thegatheredhome.com

So, how would you choose to reuse those shower curtain rings and hooks? Tell us in the comments and also let us know if you have any other idea of how to reuse this tiny items. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with our content to find many other ideas of how to repurpose versatile items around your home.