15 Warm And Cozy Home Office Designs With Fireplaces


Home offices used to feature only a desk and a chair placed together in some corner of the house. But nowadays, with all the modern technology, many people are able to work from home and thus turn whole rooms into their own office. When decorating a home office, there should be created a balance between form and function in order to create a comfortable and productive home office. Also, adding some decorations, like paintings, wall art decorations, sculptures, or some plants, can bring some life into the plain office. And one more feature, that can transform the home office, especially during the winter time, is the fireplace.

A fireplace can instantly become a focal point in any room, and the home office is not an exception to this. Generally, adding a fireplace to a home office has several benefits. It can help create a comfortable atmosphere. The warmth that comes from the fire can help you relax and free your mind from all the worries. Also, a fireplace in your home office can provide a welcoming aroma, which helps improve your mood and, in turn, increase your productivity. 

But on top of the reasons mentioned earlier, having a fireplace in your work area may help lower the monthly utility bills. Whether it’s gas or wood-burning operated fireplace, you can save a considerable amount of money when it’s used as an alternative heat source. You can light the fireplace in your home office to heat the space instead of using your HVAC system for heating. 

Indeed, with these things being said, there’s no question why a fireplace can be an excellent addition to your work area. If you’ve decided to place one, there are many fireplace designs to choose from, so don’t worry, there is a design that can fit into your home office too. Below, we have chosen 15 Warm And Cozy Home Office Designs With Fireplaces to show you how a fireplace can change the look of any home office. Check them out and get inspired of how to organize the space around the fireplace.

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But before that, if you don’t have enough extra space to add a fireplace, you may need to declutter some of your possessions to free up some space. If you find some items that are no longer useful in your home office, then it’s time to get rid of them for good. 

Thankfully, there are many professional removal companies out there that specialize in removing junk for free within your area. With them by your side, you can dispose of your unnecessary things and, more importantly, provide adequate space where you can place your fireplace. 

Once the fireplace is installed, it’s time to organize the space around it. For example, placing the desk so that it faces the fireplace, can give you the chance to enjoy the sight of the glowing flames as you work. Fireplaces are interesting architectural features, so even when there is no fire in them, they can make a statement. The wall around the fireplace can become an accent one if it is painted in some bold color, or if there is some pop art decoration or some decorative mirror. Another way to decorate the wall above the fireplace is to incorporate some shelves, which can serve both for decoration and storage.


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If there is a space available around the fireplace, you can use it to create a seating area. A coffee table with two chairs is perfect for creating a more welcoming and inviting atmosphere and you can use this place for relaxing and making some deals with your associates. Whether the style of your home office is modern, rustic, minimalist, traditional, Scandinavian etc., there is a fireplace for each style that can fit into the space perfectly. Brick or stone fireplaces are perfect for rustic and traditional home offices, while the sleek and modern fireplaces with glass designs, are the best choice for modern or minimalist room.

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So, what do you think about the above home offices with fireplace? Would you like to incorporate a fireplace into your home office too? Tell us in the comments and of course stay up to date with our content to find many other interior design ideas for your home decor inspiration.