15 Wonderful Black and White Kitchens You Should See Now


The black and white combo is a timeless classic that can never go out of style. This is true both in terms of fashion and interior design. These two contrasting colors are the perfect choice for creating a dramatic look of an interior. They can be used in every part of the home, and today we would like to show you the beauty of having this color combo in the kitchen. Below we have chosen 15 Wonderful Black and White Kitchens which will for sure draw your attention and may get you inspired to introduce these two colors into your kitchen.

The following kitchen designs are quite versatile in terms of style, and they are just an example of how the black and white combo can fit in into every type of interior. So, whether you want to decorate a traditional or modern kitchen, minimalist or luxury one, the timeless color combo is something you can never be wrong with. The key in combining these two colors is not to over use one of them, but to keep them balanced. And since these two colors can look good in combination with any other color, the use of some accent color in a combo with these two can really make a statement. Red is one such color that creates a perfect match with black and white.

Photo via: awesomedesign.xyz
Photo via: awesomedesign.xyz
Photo via: lushome.com
Photo via: caandesign.com

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Photo via: kitchenbuilding.com
Photo via: marvelbuilding.com

As you can see from the photos, they are many ways of combining these two colors into the kitchen. For instance, there can be white kitchen cabinets and kitchen island, and a contrast can be achieved by having black flooring and some other details. Or if the kitchen cabinets and island are black, usually the walls and flooring are white. And yet there are still many possibilities, for instance, the design on the following photo of having an all white kitchen with a black and white flooring.

Photo via: cuisine-conception-decoration.fr
Photo via: cuisine-conception-decoration.fr
Photo via: interiordesign2014.com
Photo via: interiordesign2014.com

There is no a rule which of these two colors should used as a major color. But in most of the cases it is better to use white as the color or the most of the kitchen design and black as the color that accentuates some specific features. This is good to know, especially if you are decorating a small kitchen, where too much black can make the space look dark and even smaller.

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Photo via: decorpad.com
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So, what do you think about the above kitchen designs? Would you like to incorporate this timeless color combo into your kitchen? Tell us in the comments and of course don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other interior design ideas for your home decor.