16 Colorful Melted Crayon Crafts You Need To See


If you have some broken crayons at home and you are wondering what to do with them, keep on reading because today we are bringing to you a collection of 16 Colorful Melted Crayon Crafts You Need To See. Yes, melting crayons and creating something else out of them can be pretty easy and we hope that the following crafts will get you inspired of what to do with the broken crayons. See more ideas at mykidneedsthat.

Crayons can be easily melted in the microwave, in the oven or maybe even with a hair dryer. You can choose to melt them and thus create something out of them, such as candles, some cookie cutter crayons, crayon wands etc. Or you can melt them and use them to decorate some Easter eggs, pumpkins, rocks etc. Besides these, you can also create some interesting wall art out of melted crayons. Below we have chosen several such ideas that you can do with melted crafts as well as many other and we hope that you will like them. Check them out and choose which one you will try to do. Enjoy!

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Melted Crayon Pumpkin

Photo via: craftymorning.com

Cookie Cutter Crayons

Photo via: onelittleproject.com

Crayon Wands

Photo via: kidsactivitiesblog.com

Easter Bunny Crayons

Photo via: moonfrye.com

Recycled Crayon Cupcakes

recycled crayon cupcakes
Photo via: theprettybee.com

DIY Crayon Candles

crayon candles
Photo via: evermine.com

Melted Crayon Rocks

melted crayon rocks
Photo via: artfulparent.com

Melting crayons can be easier than you think, and you can use them for creating some unique decorations. For instance, if you are in love and want to surprise your loved one with some unique decoration, than you may try to do the following melted crayon love letter art. Simply put the tip of the crayon in flame of a candle candle until you see it start to soften and form a drip.  This only takes a second or two.  Then touch the tip of the crayon to the tile.  Reheat the candle and add dots until you have created this lovely art.

Melted Crayon Love Letter Art

melted crayon letter art love
Photo via: piecesbypolly.com

Melted Crayon Rainbow Art

Photo via: 52kitchenadventures.com

Melted Crayon Butterflies Wall Art

Photo via: artbarblog.com

Melted Crayon Masks

Photo via: mamitalks.com

Melted Crayon Ornaments

melted crayon ornaments
Photo via: meetthedubiens.com

Recycled Dinosaur Crayons

crayon toys
Photo via: rustandsunshine.com

Melted Crayon Easter Eggs

melted crayon easter eggs
Photo via: jennaburger.com

Lego Crayons

Photo via: morningcreativity.com

Sunshine Melted Crayon Art

Photo via: tealandlime.com

So, what would you choose to do with all those broken crayons that you have at home? Tell us in the comments and of course, don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other creative DIY projects that you can try to in your free time.