16 Creative DIY File Cabinet Makeovers You Should Not Miss


If you have a home office, then you probably have a file cabinet over there, most often placed closed to the desk, so that you can easily find what you need. You store versatile items in the cabinet, including papers, notebooks, bills and all types of documents. And in case your file cabinet looks old or maybe just seems boring, you should try to change it, so that it can fit in your home office. So, as we are always here for you to give you versatile DIY ideas that you can try to copy, today, we are bringing to you 16 Creative DIY File Cabinet Makeovers that can get you inspired of how to change the look of that old file cabinet.

The following DIY ideas are easy to be done and they won’t take much of your precious time. You can choose to repaint the old file cabinet or draw some interesting pattern. Also, you can make it chalkboard and thus be able to write on it everything that you want. This can be great idea of how to label the drawers, so that you can easily find what you need. Another way to change the look of a file cabinet is to cover it with some wallpaper or maybe you can use a washi tape to decorate it in the way you like. Scroll down now to see the versatile file cabinet makeovers that we have chosen for your today and choose which one of them you will try to do. Follow the links under the photo to get to the full tutorials and have fun while doing some of these projects.

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DIY Stenciled File Cabinet

Full tutorial: twotwentyone.net

DIY Arrow Makeover

diy file cabinet makeovers
Full tutorial: thistlewoodfarms.com

An Easy And Affordable File Cabinet Makeover

Full tutorial: onegoodthingbyjillee.com

DIY Wallpaper File Cabinet

Photo via: designsponge.com


DIY Chevron Print Cabinet Makeover

chevron print cabinet makeover
Full tutorial: thedeanslistblog.com

File Cabinet Jungle Makeover

Full tutorial: kaaatieharvey.com

File Cabinet Decoupage Map Makeover

file cabinet decoupaged map
Full tutorial: quardecor.com

Chalk File Cabinet Makeover

Full tutorial: designimprovised.com

DIY Pink And Grey Chevron File Cabinet Makeover

Full tutorial: sewmuchmusic.blogspot.com

Floral File Cabinet Makeover

easy file makeover
Full tutorial: redbookmag.com

DIY Dorothy Draper File Cabinet

File Cabinet Title shot
Full tutorial: mydiyhabits.com

DIY Marble Paper Filling Cabinet

Full tutorial: persialou.com

Decoupaged File Cabinets

decoupaged file makeover
Full tutorial: homeologymodernvintage.com

Painted File Cabinet

paited file cabinet
Full tutorial: unfolded.com

$5 File Cabinet Makeover

5 dollar file makeover
Full tutorial: domesticimperfection.com

DIY Thank You File Cabinet

Full tutorial: studiodiy.com

So, which one from the above ideas did you like the best? Tell us in the comments and also let us know if you have any other idea of how to change the look of the old file cabinet. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other DIY projects that you can try to do in your free time.