16 DIY Office Organization Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind


One way to work more efficiently whether at home or at work, is to have everything well organized and to keep the office desk neat. So, good organization skills is what each one of us needs to keep our life simpler. And in case you don’t possess such skills, keep calm, because there are many organization tips and hacks that you can find all over the net. Today, we are bringing to you 17 DIY Office Organization Ideas that you will for sure find really useful.

These ideas will get you covered of how to organize your work space and thus keep it neat. Check them out and get inspired of how to store your pens, files, notes, as well as of how to declutter the cables and wires.

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DIY Tin Can Desk Organizer

One way to organize all of those pens, sharpies, scissors and other office supplies is to store them in some tins. Take some empty tins, paint them and decorate them with some washi tape.

Full tutorial: mylifeoftravelsandadventures.com

DIY Wall Magnet Office Organization

A decorated wall is always a better option than the plain one. So how about adding some air vent caps where with the use of mini magnets you can hang some of your tasks? Check out the link below the photo to find the instructions.

Full tutorial: earnesthomeco.com

DIY Chalkboard Desk Organizer

Besides tins, you can also use mason jars for storing some of your office supplies. This time instead of washi tape, decorate them with some chalkboard.

chalkboard paint
Full tutorial: ohshedabbles.com

DIY Cardboard Organizer

If you are in the mood of making some creative storage design, you may try to create one out of cardboard. It will be a great one for storing your keys, phone and wallet.

Full tutorial: designformankind.com

DIY Wall Organizer

If you posses some sewing skills you may use them for creating the following wall organizer.

diy wall organzier
Full tutorial: designsponge.com

DIY Embellished Wood Pencil Block

If you love wood decorations, you may try to do a wood pencil block. Decorate it with some paint or with some tiny pins.

Full tutorial: designsponge.com

Use Mason Jars As Desk Accessories

And here is one more idea of how to use mason jars for organizing your office supplies.

Full tutorial: hgtv.com

DIY Paper Desk Organizer

Besides mason jars and tins, you can also use some cereal boxes and toilet paper rolls for storing some of your office supplies. Cover them with some decorative paper, and no one will know what your desk organizer is made of.

Full tutorial: modpodgerocksblog.com

DIY Marker Caddy In 10 Minutes

And here is one more idea of how to use toilet paper rolls for storing pens, sharpies and pencils.

Full tutorial: auntpeaches.com

DIY Clip On Desk Organizers

If there is not enough space on your desk for everything, you can try to do some clip on desk organizers. Check out the link below for instructions.

Full tutorial: brit.co

DIY Triangular Wall Storage System

Here is one more idea for you of how to make some extra space on your desk by organizing the office supplies on the wall.

Full tutorial: brit.co

Use Drawer Dividers

Drawers are mainly used for storing stuff, but this doesn’t mean that everything is well organized in them. So, adding some dividers can help you organize all of tiny supplies better.

Photo via: hgtv.com

DIY Framed Table Organizer

A table organizer can be made out of a picture frame. Here is one such idea for you.

table organzier
Full tutorial: wishfultinker.blogspot.com

DIY Paper Organization

A good organization of all the papers and files is a must-have for working more efficiently. Check out the link below and get inspired of how to get rid of the messy papers and files once and for all.

Photo via: abowlfulloflemons.net

Washi Tape Cord Organization

Messy cords is the nightmare for everyone, so how about separating them and matching them with washi tapes, so that you can easily find the one you need.

Photo via: landeeseelandeedo.com

DIY Hanging Notepad

If you still love writing notes on real paper instead of on your smartphone, try to do this lovely DIY project.

Full tutorial: designsponge.com

So, which one form the above DIY projects would you try to do to keep your office space organized? Tell us in the comments and of course stay up to date with us to find many other useful organization ideas.