16 Grey Nail Designs To Try This Winter


The popularity of nail colors, changes as the seasons change. The bright and pastel colors are usually most common colors for spring and summer time. Also, neon colors are used during the summer days. But as the weather gets colder and there are no more sunny days, we prefer to use darker shades of nail polish. Such shades are purple, emerald green, navy, brown, black, burgundy and grey. Today, we have chosen 16 Grey Nail Designs that you should try this winter.

Choose to polish your nails with one shade of grey, or combine several of them. Also, you can combine grey with other colors, like black, white, yellow, red, silver and gold. Add some interesting pattern with dots, stripes or maybe snowflakes which are definitely the most common design that is used during the winter time. Check out our ideas below and choose how you will do your nails with the shades of grey. Enjoy!

Photo via: yourstylejourney.com
Photo via: yourstylejourney.com
Photo via: yourstylejourney.com
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