16 Lovely Christmas Nail Designs With Reindeer


One of the designs that are common for a Christmas nail design are the reindeer. Santa Claus wouldn’t be able to bring us presents without the help of his reindeer, so get into the spirit of Christmas with some nail designs with reindeer. You can choose to paint a reindeer on every nail or just on one of your nails.

The story says that the most popular reindeer is Rudolph – the red-nosed reindeer. With its red nose it lights the path of Santa Claus to kid’s homes. So, a red nose should be part of the nail designs with reindeer. Check out the following 16 Lovely Christmas Nail Designs With Reindeer and get inspired to add the cute reindeer to your nails. Enjoy and stay up to date with us to find more interesting Christmas nail designs.

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Christmas nail designs
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Christmas nail designs
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