16 Lovely Step-By-Step Floral Nail Tutorials


When it comes to patterns that are popular during spring time, the floral pattern always takes the stage. So, you should definitely choose to wear something floral, like pants, dress, shirt or maybe even some floral blazer. Or another way to wear this spring trendy pattern is to add it to your nails. And because of that, today we have decided to inspire you with some floral nail designs and we hope that you will like them. Below, you will be able to find 16 Lovely Step-by-Step Floral Nail Tutorials that you can do by yourself.

These nail designs are so easy to be done and do not require any special skills from you. You can do them in the right way, only by following the simple steps presented through pictures. Choose which colors you will use, whether the ones to match with your outfit, or maybe some contrasting ones, that will be quite eye-catching. Also, you should choose what size and form will be the flowers. You can paint them with the nail brush, or maybe you can use some dotting tool for more precise designs. Scroll down to get inspired of some of our lovely floral nail tutorials. Enjoy!

Romantic Rosebuds Nail Art Tutorial

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Vintage Roses Nail Design

Photo via: paulinaspassions.com

Pastel Floral Nails

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Mix’n’Match Floral Nail Design

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Marc Jacobs Daisy Nail Art Tutorial

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Easy Step-by-Step Floral Nail Design

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Lovely Floral Nail Design Idea

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Floral Leaves Nail Art

Photo via: onenailtorulethemall.co.uk

As you may have noticed, there are various ways to add flower designs to your nails. You can either choose to add some flowers on one of your nails, or maybe on each nail. Or maybe you can even make some interesting combo of floral pattern and some other one, like stripes. Choose the colors and shape of flowers you like and enjoy in creating some interesting floral nail design this spring. Scroll down to see the rest of the step-by-step nail tutorials that we have chosen for you today and do not hesitate to copy them. Enjoy and stay up to date with our content for more inspiring nail tutorials!

Interesting Nail Design With Flowers

Photo via: blog.lulus.com

Floral Nail Art Tutorial

Photo via: paulinaspassions.com

Geometric and Roses Nail Art Tutorial

Photo via: divinecaroline.com

Wonderful Floral Nails

Photo via: wondrouslypolished.com

Spring Flowers Nail Design

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Watercolor Florals

Photo via: helloglossy.com

Black Daisy Nail Tutorial

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Cute Spring Daisies Nail Art Tutorial

Photo via: buzzfeed.com