16 Marvelous Moroccan Patios That Will Fascinate You


If you want to decorate you patio in some style that is a little bit different from the ordinary ones, than you may choose to decorate it in Moroccan style. With the bright colors, interesting patterns and exotic charm, the Moroccan style is getting quite popular choice both for interiors and exteriors. Today, we have chosen 16 Marvelous Moroccan Patios to show you the beauty of this Eastern style in the outdoors.

The Moroccan style features a splash of colors, such as vivid greens and blues, rich reds and oranges as well as metallic silver and gold. Besides the vibrant colors, intricate patterns are also associated with this exotic style, most often found on rugs and pillows. If you decide to decorate the patio in Moroccan style, you will need many cushions and rugs, baldaquins, bright ottomans and poufs, some low tables and chairs. Also, don’t forget to add the typical Moroccan lanterns, made of metal and glass with a candle inside. Scroll down now to see the Moroccan patios that we have chosen for you today and choose which one of them is your favorite. Enjoy!

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16 Marvelous Moroccan Patios

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Water features can be also part of Moroccan style patios. Most often they are set in in the middle of the patio, instantly becoming the focal point over there.

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Photo via: designmag.fr
Photo via: designmag.fr

Pallets can be also part of Moroccan style patios. You can find them easily and by adding some pillows and cushions you will create a comfortable seating area. Add some rug in intricate pattern, some Eastern lanterns, light curtains and you have the perfect exotic Moroccan style patio.

morrocan style
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And of course, don’t forget to add up some greenery on the patio to add to the overall ambiance. The greenery will look great in contrast with all those vibrant colors and intricate patterns.

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Moroccan patios
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So, what do you think about this Eastern style patio decorations? Would you choose to decorate your patio in this style too? Tell us in the comments and also, let us know which one from the above Moroccan style patios did you like the best. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other outdoor decoration ideas.