16 Tips To Help You Get The Most Organized Pantry Ever


The pantry is often the place in your home that requires some great organization. It is the place where you store your food and you often cannot find what you need immediately. So, you should all know some hacks of how to keep everything neat and organized. And guess what, you are on the right place to find some smart tips that will help you get the most organized pantry ever. Check them out and put your pantry in order as soon as possible.

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Get Clear Containers

Instead of buying cardboard boxes, you can get some clear containers. This will give you the chance to see what’s on the inside and you won’t even need to read the labels.

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DIY Lazy Susan

A Lazy Susan can do wonders in your pantry. Set one in the corner of the pantry to get the most of that space.

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Chalkboard Labels

You can store the food in clear containers, but in order not to mistaken similar foods, you can add some chalkboard labels on them. And when you are out of something, you can easily change the name on the label.

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Chip Rack

Chip racks are not only for the grocery store. You can easily make one for your pantry for only $10.

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Use Baskets For Stacked Storage

Besides clear containers, you can also use baskets for stacked storage. Labeling them is a must, since you cannot see what’s on the inside.

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Store Cupcake Liners In A Mason Jar

To keep the cupcake liners stacked and dust free, you can put them in a mason jar. This is just one of the many possible ways of how to use empty mason jars.

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Hang Aluminium Foil And Saran Wrap On The Back Of The Door

For this DIY project, you will need to attach hooks on the back of the door. Space the hooks 10 5/8 inches apart from inside to inside.

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Use Shoe Organizers

Shoe organizers can be used for storing your kid’s snacks. Simply hang it on the back of the door or on the wall.

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Use Woven Bins

The food in your pantry can be also organized in many woven bins. They are not at all expensive, so get as many as you need.

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Pull-Out Shelves For An Organized Pantry

You can add some pull-out shelves in your pantry. This will help you find everything you need, without worrying that you have left something in the back corner.

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Chalkboard Pantry Door Update

If you store food on door, then you can use chalkboard paint behind the hanging shelves to create labels for their storage space.

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Magnetic Spice Rack

One way to store all those spices is to make a magnetic rack. This rack can be set on the side of cabinet, underneath a cabinet or maybe even on the side of a fridge.

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Add A Command Hook On The Cereal Container

One such hook will help you hang your measuring cup on the side of the cereal container and thus have it at hand every time you need it.

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Add Some Hangers

When you open a bag of chips or other food use hangers with clips to keep them closed.

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Store Cans In Plastic Bins

One way to keep your canned food organized is to store the cans in plastic bins. Their clear surface allows you to see what type of cans you have in them. And still you can add some labels on the front.

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Door Organizers

Use the space on the inside of your door for storing jars, bottles of food and sauces etc.

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So, did you find the above tips useful? Tell us in the comments and make sure you share them with your friends, so that they can organize their pantry too. And of course, stay up to date with our content to find many other tips, trick and hacks that will make your life easier.