16 Wonderful Christmas Decorations You Can Make Out Of Wine Corks


This festive time of the year brings us many celebrations, where we gather with our dear ones to eat something delicious and to drink some good wine. And once we open all those bottles of wine, we come up with a collection of many wine corks that we often have no clue of what to do with. So, how about you make use of them and turn them into some wonderful Christmas decorations?

You can easily make some such decorations and the best thing of all is that they won’t cost you much. Wine corks are easy to work with, so you can cut, drill, paint and glue them in the way you like to make some cool decoration. Make some cool Christmas ornament or a Christmas tree out of many corks. Or you can take a single wine cork, paint it and add some fabric or other details to make some Santa Claus, reindeer etc.  The following DIY projects are just some of the many possible and we hope that you will try to make some. Check them out.

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You can take several wine corks to make tiny Christmas ornaments that are actually in the form of a Christmas tree.

Full tutorial: dearcrissy.com

Stars are also one of the symbols of Christmas, so how about you make some out of wine corks and then paint it with white acrylic paint and some glitter to make it look more sparkling.

Full tutorial: sustainmycrafthabit.com

And of course, no Christmas can pass by without a Christmas tree, so besides having a regular one, you can also try to make some out of wine corks. This could be the perfect decor for your table.

Full tutorial: kj.com

Or maybe you can make a tiny one. Simply take a single cork, drill a tiny hole on the top and put in a branch of a Christmas tree.

Simple Wine Cork Trees! Perfect for holiday dinner favors. Tutorial at www.livelaughrowe.com
Full tutorial: livelaughrowe.com

You can make so many different Christmas trees out of wine corks. This one below includes a Christmas tree shaped cardboard, where you can glue pieces of wine corks. This can be the perfect wall decor.

Full tutorial: zakladnicycodziennosci.blogspot.com

And yes, no Christmas can pass without the cute Reindeer, so how about you try to make some out of wine corks? Here are several ideas that you can get inspired from.

Full tutorial: remodelandolacasa.com
Full tutorial: lacrema.com
Full tutorial: prettyhandygirl.com
Full tutorial: raegunramblings.com

The next DIYproject is of a wine cork wreath. Paint it in some vibrant colors to make it look more eye-catching.

Full tutorial: design-fixation.com

Or maybe you can make this one out of wine coks, Christmas tree branches, tiny Christmas balls etc.

Photo via: lafigurina.com

The following cute Santa is made out of a single wine cork and Hershey’s Kisses chocolates in holiday foil color.

Full tutorial: itallstartedwithpaint.com

And here is one more idea of how to make beautiful wine cork Christmas trees.

Full tutorial: pinkwhen.com

Another ornament that you can make out of wine corks is a cute Snowman. Three pieces of corks, three buttons, eyes and a nose, scarf and a hat and you got it.

Photo via: lafigurina.com

And when talking of snow, you may also make a snowflake ornament for the Christmas tree. Paint the corks with some glitter to make it look more sparkling.

Full tutorial: virginiasweetpea.com

And the last DIY project for today is of a couple of lovely wine cork grape clusters.

Christmas decorations
Full tutorial: lacrema.com

So, which one of the above Christmas decorations would you try to make?