16 Wood TV Wall Units You Must See


When it comes to TV wall unit designs, we must admit that there are many of them to choose from. They can be with a simple or bold design, with or without some storage space and can be also made of versatile materials. In terms of materials, wood is the most common choice, so today we want to show you several wood TV wall units that may inspire you to get to some such unit for your living room too.

Wood TV wall units are perfect choice for any living room design. The natural look of the wood can go well with any color scheme, adding a warm look to the space. And since there are many types of wood, these units can be made of different woods too. Some of then can be also combined with other material, such as glass which is often used for some tiny cabinet doors. But let’s quit the talking and scroll down to see the beauty of these TV wall units. Enjoy!

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16 Wood TV Wall Units

Photo via: elizabethfriedrich.co
Photo via: elizabethfriedrich.co
Photo via: elizabethfriedrich.co
Photo via: elizabethfriedrich.co
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As you can notice, these wood TV wall units are quite versatile. Some of them have plain design with a couple of shelves, others have some cabinets or drawers for extra storage space. The ones with glass doors will give a minimalist touch. And yet, these wall units can even feature some lighting fixtures that will add up to the aesthetic look of the living room. The lighting options can be LED lights, recessed lights etc. And they can be set above or under the shelves, or maybe even behind them.

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The wall where the TV wall units are set is often considered as the accent wall. And although they can look great even with a plain wall behind, wood wall units can be placed on some vibrant colored or patterned wall. This is because wood is a natural material and can go well with everything.

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wood TV wall units
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So, which one from the above wood TV wall units did you like the best? Tell us in the comments and of course stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other interior design ideas for your home decor inspiration.