17 Amazing Craft Ideas How To Use Old Tires


In this season and time where everyone has to stay home, perhaps you’re running out of ideas on what it is that you can do during your self-isolation. Worry no more as now is, in fact, a good time for you to get started with creative and crafty activities. There’s just so many that you can do, and the options are endless. Plus, with whatever tools and equipment you have at home, such as your trusted sewing machines, you don’t even have to go out and buy materials. Just safely scavenge your house, and get started.


Today we share with you some ideas how to use old tires and to do something new and interesting. You may have old tires that are in dire need of a new life. Rather than just keeping them collecting dust and useless, give them a new lease on life, too. We always know to throw old things without thinking if we could use them again.

This post is just about what to do with the old tires you have at home. With these ideas, we hope that you will not throw these tires, but that you will use them again. Read through below, and get inspired.

For this first photo below, you may have long wanted to create a lounge area in your home. Perhaps there’s that one corner that’s still waiting to be of use. But, it’s just too costly right now to have to purchase lounge furniture from scratch. So, why not make your own instead.

From this example, old tires work to be a perfect lounge chair, because they can sit right at floor level. Add up throw pillows and a cushion to it, and it’s just going to be as comfortable as that of other more pricey lounge chairs. This can comprise one of the many inexpensive design ideas that you can perform, to improve your home.

In the next succeeding photos, your old tires at home are also perfect for turning them into planters. If you’re a plant person, you’d know that planters or pots can be quite expensive to purchase. Why buy all brand new ones, when you’ve got tires that you can re-use and turn into pots. 

Do you have children at home and you’ve always wanted for them to engage in sandbox play? Here’s an inexpensive way for you to make one for them! 

If you’ve got old tires just hanging around your home waiting for it to be used, now you can finally have some good use out of it. You don’t have to throw these tires away. Not only are you making yourself more creative, but you’re also enabling yourself to become friendlier with the environment. Get inspired by any of the above-enumerated options. Who knows, you might even make better crafts out of all the tires that you have. 

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