17 Amazing Ways To Decorate Your Unused Fireplace


A glowing fireplace always adds up warmth to the interior, but in case you don’t have time to light it up or don’t really need it, then it’s time to use that empty space. There are many possible ways to decorate the unused fireplace and today we want to show you several such ideas that you can get inspired from.

Fill it with firewood stacks, but paint them

The empty fireplace is the perfect place for storing some firewood. And in case it looks too rustic for you, then fill free to paint the stacks with vibrant colors.

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Or use many stacked logs to create a log screen

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Place some candles in there!

Whether you have some plain or wood log candles, you can place them in the unused fireplace space. So , when you light them up you can again have a glowing fireplace.

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Built-in shelves for book storage

Adding some shelves in the fireplace results with extra storage space for books or other decorative centerpiece.

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Or simply place some colorful books in there to create a focal point!

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Put in some planters!

This empty space could also be your perfect spot for some planters, but make sure you choose some plants that don’t require much natural light, since they cannot get it in there.

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Display your favorite artwork

In case you don’t have space to hang some artworks on the wall, then place them in this unused fireplace space.

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DIY hand drawn screen

You can easily change your fireplace into a modern frame for any pattern with the use of some wallpaper, a hand-painted design or some washi tape.

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Wine rack

You usually sit by the fireplace and drink a hot cocoa, but how about you sit over there and have a glass or two of your favorite wine?

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Light it up with some string lights

You can place some wood logs in the fireplace and add some string lights to make it glow again even if it’s not burning.

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Place some vases

Vases are definitely one of the most decorative centerpieces, so place some in front of your fireplace to decorate it.

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Create a faux fireplace

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Perfect spot for a Buddha statute

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Cover it with wallpaper

Some eye-catching wallpaper with definitely steal the show and you can even add some logs painted in vibrant color.

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Mirror + shimmering centerpieces

And the last idea for today is of covering the fireplace with some mirror and placing some shimmering centerpieces in front of it. This is perfect choice for your modern home.

unused fireplace
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So, how wold you choose to decorate the unused fireplace in your home? Tell us in the comments and make sure to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other decor ideas for your lovely homes.