17 Creative Garden Gates That Make A Great Entrance


If you want to give your garden a great entrance, then you definitely need to add some great gate. So, today, we’ve searched around the Web to find several such gate designs. And we have come up with a collection of 17 Creative Garden Gates that will definitely impress you.

These gates are both functional and decorative, and will for sure draw some attention. They are quite versatile so you will for sure find some inspiration for your own garden gate. The garden gate is the first impression visitors get for your garden, so it should also reflect the style of your garden. Some gates are with usual, classical design, while some are designed to make a statement. For instance, a gate made of some gardening tools or some old bike parts can be a pretty cool and unique garden gate that will draw a lot of attention. Or some other gates can feature flower decorations, announcing that you are entering into a wonderful flower garden. Scroll down now to see the garden gates that we have chosen for you today and let us know which one did you like the best. Enjoy!

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17 Creative Garden Gates

garden tool gate
Photo via: montanawildlifegardener.blogspot.com
Photo via: talesfromcarmel.com
moon gate
Photo via: livinggreen.com
garden gate
Photo via: homegardengreen.com
Photo via: savvyhomeblog.com

A wooden gate is like a classic design for a garden gate. But if you want to be creative, you can repaint it in some more vibrant color and even add some heart shaped decoration.

Photo via: cheercrank.com
Photo via: designmag.fr
Photo via: designmag.fr

Flowers can also decorate any plain garden gate. You can hang a flower basket on the gate. Or if there is an arbor, you can add some color and bloom with vines.

Photo via: designmag.fr
Photo via: designmag.fr
flowers on gate
Photo via: fatimachiati.com.br
Photo via: livinglocurto.com

And if you want to make a gate out of some stuff that you already have, don’t hesitate to do it. Get all those glass bottles that you have been keeping for a long time. Or if there are some old gardening tools, you can use them to create the gate out of them. One such gate will add a touch of whimsy to the garden.

Photo via: livinglocurto.com
Photo via: theownerbuildernetwork.co

And this next optical illusion garden mirror will make you want to check out what’s in this secret garden.

Photo via: empressofdirt.net
Photo via: stylehomepark.com
secret garden door
Photo via: bohemianhellhole.com

So, which one from the above creative garden gates did you like the best? Tell us in the comments and of course, don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other great decoration ideas for your outdoor space.