17 Space Saving Nightstands Perfect For Your Small Bedroom


One bedroom decor can not be complete without a nightstand. We need it in order to have a space where we can place some necessary stuff on it, such as night light,our smartphone, books, glasses, a glass of water etc. And even if your bedroom is a small one, you need to find a design that will fit in next to your bed. Today we have picked several space saving nightstands that may actually be the right ones for your bedroom.

These nightstands are quite versatile and they have some pretty unique designs. Most of them have a floating design, thus saving on floor space in your bedroom. Even a single floating shelf is better than no nightstand at all, so you may consider choosing some such design. Some of these nightstands can even feature a light fixture, giving you the chance to read a good book before going to bed. Go ahead now and see the space saving nightstands that we have chosen for you today and let us know which one of them did you like the best.

17 Space Saving Nightstands

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As you can notice these nightstands are quite versatile. Some of them can have some pretty unique and eye-catching designs. Such nightstands don’t really look like nightstands at first glance, and thus serve as interesting wall decorations.

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Besides buying a nightstand, there are even some cheap alternatives that you can make out of some old stuff. For instance, a drawer can be easily repurposed into a cool nightstand. Or you can take some wood slice, painted and hang it from the ceiling to serve as a side table or a nightstand.

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And for the tiniest bedrooms, or the ones where the bedroom is so close to the wall, you can install some shelf on that wall big enough to fit your phone, glasses or a cup of water.

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So, which one from the above space saving nightstands did you like the best? Tell us in the comments and don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other space saving solutions for your lovely homes.