17 Ultra Luxury Bathrooms That Will Leave You Speechless


Depending on the taste as well as on the budget available, an interior can be traditional, rustic, modern, minimalist or luxury one. And of course the ones that can always fascinate and can draw all of the attention are the luxury interiors. Today, we have chosen 17 Ultra Luxury Bathrooms that will for sure leave you speechless.

The first thing that usually comes to your mind when you think about luxury interiors, may be an abundance of space available. But this doesn’t have to be a rule, because an interior can be small but luxury too. So, it’s all about the details. For instance, when decorating a bathroom, the choice of tiles, in terms of materials and colors can definitely help in giving a luxury look to the bathroom. Marble tiles are the most common ones, because marble is considered as a royal material. When it comes to the tub choice, there are many luxury bathtub designs to choose from, whether free-standing, sunken, corner or jacuzzi-style, square, round or with some unique shape. Or if there is a shower, it can be an all-glass one, with fixtures like rain and side nozzles, special lighting fixtures and maybe even with music fixtures for a better shower experience. Other details that can add a luxurious touch to a bathroom can be a mirror with some elegant frame placed above the vanity.

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17 Ultra Luxury Bathrooms

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Another detail that can give a luxury look to the bathroom is the chandelier. Chandeliers are not the typical lighting source for a bathroom but once they are part of them, they do make a statement. They can be found in so many versatile designs, featuring crystals, candlestick lamps or shaded lamps. Besides the chandelier, there can be some false ceiling designs with hidden or recessed lighting fixtures. Another feature of luxurious bathrooms can be a fireplace. Having a fireplace in your bathroom is a luxury experience which will make you have the utmost relaxation. Just imagine yourself sitting in a nice bubble bath and drinking a glass of your favorite wine, while the fireplace is burning. This is definitely what we all need to completely relax after the long working day.

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These were the bathroom designs with luxurious features that we have chosen for you today and we hope that you liked them. Tell us in the comments which one from them looks like your dream bathroom. And of course stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other versatile interior design ideas for your home decor inspiration.