17 Unique Succulent Planters That Can Make A Statement


One way to beautify the balcony, the patio or the backyard is to add some succulents. Succulents can instantly become a focal point because of their unusual color and texture. And just like any other plant you can grow them in variety of planters, whether typical ones that you can get from the stores, or maybe even in some unique ones that can make a statement. Today, we have made a collection of 17 Unique Succulent Planters that you can draw inspiration from and thus make your unique succulent garden.

As you will be able to notice you can use variety of items to grow succulents in. For instance, if you have some old pair of shoes that you no longer wear, don’t throw them away but use them as succulent planters. Or if you have some old chair that is no longer in use, make a hole or remove the seat and place a pot inside of it and thus turn it into a beautiful planter. Besides these, you can repuporse versatile old items to plant succulents in, such as old metal toolbox, pillows, seashells etc. Succulents can be also installed in vertical wall gardens or maybe in that fountain. And if you want to create a personalized garden planter, you can make a monogrammed planter.  Scroll down now to see the bunch of ideas that we have chosen for you today and choose how you will make your succulent garden. Enjoy!

Driftwood Succulent Garden

Photo via: outdoortheme.co

Fountain Succulent Planter

Photo via: outdoortheme.com

Monogrammed Planter

Photo via: homeandgardenblog.com

Fancy Heels Turned Into Planters

Photo via: designmag.it

Wood Log Succulent Planter

Photo via: upsocl.com

Vertical Succulent Garden With Painted Love Notes

Photo via: scoutmob.com

Succulent Garden Ball

Photo via: designmag.fr

Wood Tray Succulent Planter

Photo via: mulherdigital.com

Vertical Succulent Garden

Photo via: photos.hgtv.com

Concrete Succulent Planter

backyard succulent
Photo via: courtneyblanton.com

Buddha Head Succulent Planter

buddha head
Photo via: inspirebohemia.com

Old Chair Turned Into Succulent Planter

Photo via: blog.gardenloversclub.com

Toolbox Succulent Garden

Photo via: blog.gardenloversclub.com

Outdoor Succulent Centerpiece

Photo via: dlivingstondesign.com

Mushroom Succulent Planters

Photo via: casaydiseno.com

Pillow Succulent Planters

pillow succulent garden
Photo via: beevar.com

Tiny Seashell Planters

shell succulent planters
Photo via: coolcrafts.com

They look pretty awesome, right? Tell us in the comments which one from them did you like the best and how would you choose to grow the beautiful succulents. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other cool ideas of how to decorate the garden.