18 Contemporary Residences That Will Make You Say WOW


We are mainly focused on bringing to you the best interior designs, and today for a change we would like to show you several exterior designs that you will for sure like. Below, we have made a photo collection of 18 Contemporary Residences That Will Make You Say WOW. 

Modern techniques and materials are applied in the designing and construction of these amazing contemporary houses, which together with the modern well-planned design, contribute to their flawless look. And the beautiful nature landscape or the magnificent outdoor pool with the great lounge areas for utmost relaxation, make these houses even more desirable. In addition to their breathtaking exterior designs, it is more than obvious how perfect these houses are on the inside. Several bedrooms and bathrooms, spacious living rooms and dining rooms, home bars, home theaters, home gyms and indoor pools are just some of the features that these magnificent contemporary houses can posses. So, you must be thinking that blessed are the ones who live in such houses. Scroll down now to see these residences and choose which one is the best one according to you. We bet that you will find this decision pretty hard because all of them are absolutely flawless. Enjoy!

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Peribere Residence by Max Strang Architecture

Periber residence by Max Strang
Photo via: lockerdome.com

Contemporary Residential Architecture Design in Florida

Photo via: philkeandesigns.com

Trigg Residence by Hillam Architects

Photo via: designrulz.com

The Cove, Pezula Estate, Knysna Western Cape

cove 3
Photo via: german-architects.com

North TLV Home by Nurit Leshem

Photo via: caandesign.com

Valhalla Residence, Sierra Mountains, California

contemporary home
Photo via: contemporist.com

Clifton 2A, Cape Town

corner residence
Photo via: architizer.com

Ventana Mountain Estates, Home 502

Photo via: dzonline.net

Seadrift Residence by CCS Architecture

Photo via: homedsgn.com

Beverly Grove Residence by Avi Osadon

Photo via: homedsgn.com

Vivienda en Son Vida by Negre Studio & Rambla 9 Arquitectura

Photo via: caandesign.com

2016 Mexico Residence by Olson Kundig Architects

Photo via: homecartravelers.com

96 Golden Beach Drive by SDH Studio

Photo via: caandesign.com

Casa X11, Spagnuolo Architecture

Photo via: plataformaarquitectura.cl

Sunset Strip Residence by McClean Design

Photo via: flashbackmagazin.de

123DV Cool Blue Villa, Marbella, Spain

Photo via: aasarchitecture.com

Ballantrae Court by KZ Architecture

Photo via: kzarchitecture.com

Es Roca Llisa, Ibiza, Spain

contemporary residences
Photo via: saota.com

So, we did leave you speechless, right? And this is because all of these contemporary residences with their magnificent architectural designs and features they have in their backyards and front yards, look absolutely flawless on the outside. They are a reflection of luxury, sophistication and elegance. Tell us in the comments which one from the above residences looks alike your dream house. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer  to find many other such fabulous houses as well as many inspiring interior design ideas for your lovely home decor.