18 Cozy Interiors With Rattan Furniture


Rattan is a type of vine that grows in the jungles of the South Eastern region. It is one of the strongest woods, which means it is pretty hard to break and as such it is very durable. This lightweight material is a common choice for outdoor furniture, but nowadays it has become a popular trend among the interior designers.

Rattan furniture is a great choice for every type of interior. This material accepts paints and stains and as such it is available in versatile colors and can be worked into many styles. When choosing the right rattan furniture for your home you should check it to be UV stabilized so that it can withstands the sun’s rays. There are versatile types of rattan to choose from, but if you wish to choose the best ones, you should ask for PE or HDPE rattan. They are recyclable, mould-resistant and a way tougher than PVC rattan. Below, we have chosen 18 Cozy Interiors With Rattan Furniture that may get you inspired to incorporate some rattan furniture in your home too. Check them out!

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Rattan Furniture in Living Rooms

Rattan furniture is the perfect choice for versatile living rooms, such as modern, traditional, Scandinavian or coastal living room designs. There can be an accent chair, or maybe even a rattan living room set, featuring sofa, chairs and a coffee table. Here are some ideas for you.

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Rattan Kitchen Bar Stools

If you are thinking about getting bar stools for your kitchen, than you may choose some rattan ones. They can be found in versatile styles, whether high or low, back or backless, so there is definitely a chair for every kitchen bar design. Find the right ones for your kitchen.

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Rattan Hanging Chairs

And if you wish to add some rattan furniture into your bedroom, than get some such hanging chairs. This can be your perfect spot for relaxing and reading some good book. Make sure to add pillows and cushions to make it more comfortable. These type of chairs can be also placed in living rooms as well as in the backyard.

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Rattan furniture is a popular choice among the interior designers, because it is very durable and can fit in into versatile interiors. Tell us in the comments if you would choose some such furniture for your home and what exactly you would prefer to buy. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with our content to find many other interior design ideas for your home decor inspiration.