18 DIY Geometric Paint Decorations You Need To See


Hey DIY lovers, here we are today with several DIY projects that you can do in your free time. This time we will focus on decorations that feature geometric patterns that can bring some live into your home. Below, we have chosen 18 DIY Geometric Paint Decorations and we hope that you will try to do some of them.

These DIY projects are easy to be done and they won’t take much of your precious time. Whether you want to decorate the walls in your home, some furniture pieces like the nightstand, the dresser or the coffee table, or maybe want to paint some plates, bowls, coasters or flower pots, we have got you covered with the following DIY projects. Check them out and choose which one you will try to do. Follow the links under the photos to get to the full tutorials and enjoy in decorating your home with some eye-catching geometric pattern.

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DIY Geometric Felt Coasters

diy geometric felt coasters
Full tutorial: cieradesign.com

DIY Geometric Clock

diy geometric clock
Full tutorial: wayfair.com

DIY Geometric Cushion

Full tutorial: thelovelydrawer.com

DIY Geometric Plates

diy geometric plates
Full tutorial: brit.co

DIY Geometric Painted Glass Tabletop

Full tutorial: porch.com

Paint A Geometric Design On A Dresser

Full tutorial: diynetwork.com

DIY Retro Diamond Focal Wall

Full tutorial: vintagerevivals.com

Geometric Paint File Cabinet

Photo via: curbly.com

Decorating with geometric paint can be quite fun and the possibilities are quite versatile. You can choose to decorate with two or more colors, as well as with several shades from one color. The decorations with more colors are more interesting. When decorating with geometric pattern, you will have to draw the pieces first, or even separate them with a tape for more precised design. Then, you should paint the separate pieces with the colors you like. After the paint dries out remove the tape and your geometric decor is ready to draw the attention. Scroll down through the rest of the DIY ideas that we have chosen for you today and get ready to do some of them.

DIY Geometric Wall Art

Full tutorial: prettyprovidence.com

DIY Colorful Wooden Geometric Plants

Full tutorial: homedit.com

DIY Geometric Painted Pots

diy geometric painted pots
Full tutorial: mom.me

DIY Geometric Painted Bowls

bowls 5
Full tutorial: doeadeery.blogspot.com

DIY Geometric Painted Planter

Full tutorial: merrimentdesign.com

DIY Geometric Runner

Full tutorial: greenweddingshoes.com

DIY Geometric Nesting Tables

diy geometric nesting tables
Full tutorial: abeautifulmess.com

DIY Geometric Picture Holders

diy geometric picture holders
Full tutorial: passionshake.com

DIY Distressed Geometric Love Letters

Photo via: bespoke-bride.com

DIY Geometric Painting For The Dining Room

DIY wall art for the dining room
Photo via: thenewdomestic.com

These were the 18 DIY Geometric Paint Decorations that we have chosen for you today and we hope that you liked them. Tell us in the comments which one of them you would try to do. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other DIY project ideas for your inspiration.