18 Easy DIY Easter Creative Ideas


Spring is coming and it is coming fast. Along with it comes Easter.  A Christian holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day of his crucifixion. This is the most important Christian holiday after Christmas. This holiday doesn’t have a fixed date in the calendar. It is celebrated in the first Sunday, after the full moon  following the March 21.

The symbol of this great holiday is the Easter egg. It is believed that the egg is a symbol of fertility and rebirth. The Easter egg is a reminder that Jesus Christ rose from the grave. The people that believe will also experience the eternal life. The  tradition is to paint and dye  chicken eggs in different colors. In present day chocolate eggs are used as well as plastic eggs filled with jelly beans.

As we said Easter is coming fast, that is why we present you 18 beautiful DIY Easter creative ideas for decoration. Whether that would be a decoration for your garden, a full table decoration or just a centerpiece. Check these wonderful ideas and get inspired for an even better one.

DIY Easter – chickens in a basket  centerpiece

DIY Easter (3)

Porcelain Easter bunny centerpiece

DIY Easter (4)

Dyed Easter eggs

DIY Easter (5)

Table decoration with Easter eggs


DIY egg vases

DIY Easter (8)  DIY Easter (10) DIY Easter (11)

Egg shaped candles

DIY Easter (12) DIY Easter (13) DIY Easter (14)

Chocolate Easter bunny with dyed eggs


Egg shells decoration

DIY Easter (16)

Painted Easter eggs

DIY Easter (1) DIY Easter (1) DIY Easter (2)