18 Sparkling DIY Party Decorations For The New Year’s Eve


Are you hosting this New Year’s Eve party? If you are then you should think about how you will organize it and decorate the place in order to create an awesome atmosphere. Below, we have chosen 18 Sparkling DIY Party Decorations For The New Year’s Eve that you may find as an inspiration of how to make some decorations on your own.

New Year’s Eve is all about glitter and sparkles, so feel free to add more of them. Balloons, banners, garlands, hats and poppers are just some of the many decorations that you can use for party. All of these decorations can be found in the stores, but you can also try to do some on your own. The following DIY ideas should be your guide of how to do versatile sparkling decorations. They are easy to be done and won’t cost you much. Check them out and choose which one you will try to do. Enjoy!

DIY Confetti Balloons

Balloons are the must-have decor for any party, so get some and fill them with confetti. Pop them at midnight for a full on confetti explosion.

Photo via: brit.co

DIY Bowtie Pasta Garland

Get some bowtie pasta and cover it with some paint and glitter. Once the bows the bows have dried, tie them onto string or yarn.

Photo via: thegoldjellybean.com

DIY Glittery Confetti Garland

Another way to make a garland is with the use of some glittery confetti.

Photo via: classyclutter.net

DIY Paper Foil Medallions

The following pictorial can be your guide of how to make some eye-catching paper foil medallions.

New Year's party decor
Photo via: liagriffith.com

DIY Tassel Garland

Here is one more idea for you of how to make some garland, this time a tassel one. Follow the link below the photo to get to the full tutorial.

Photo via: linenlaceandlove.com

DIY Glitter Party Poppers

A party cannot pass by without some party poppers, so why don’t you try to do some on your own.

diy glitter poppers
Photo via: danyabanya.com

DIY Gold And Silver Stars Headband

Headbands are great for parties too, so try to make some with gold and silver stars.

Photo via: brit.co

DIY Party Hats

Or if you don’t want to wear headbands, you can make some festive hats. Find out how to do them on the link below the photo.

diy party hat 4
Full tutorial: apumpkinandaprincess.com

DIY Clock Balloon Decor

As we have already said, balloons are the must-have decor for any party, so you may want to decorate some plain ones with clock drawings that will count down the last minutes of this year.

Full tutorial: balloontime.com

DIY Confetti Champagne Flutes

You will for sure drink some champagne when giving a toast, so try to decorate the glasses with some glitter confetti.

Photo via: pizzazzerie.com

DIY Sequin Letter Garland

Here is one more idea for a garland, this time with sequin letters, saying Cheers. 

sequin letter garland diy
Full tutorial: abeautifulmess.com

DIY Sparkly Champagne Bottles

New Year’s Eve is all about glitter and sparkles, so don’t forget to add some on the champagne bottle.

Photo via: ideas.evite.com

DIY Glitter Holiday Party Hats

Here is one more idea of how to make some holiday party hats.

Photo via: studiodiy.com

DIY Swizzle Sticks

Get some bamboo skewers, gold pipe cleaner, gold pompoms, and a hot glue gun and make some swizzle sticks.

Photo via: onegoodthingbyjillee.com

Balloon Drop

If you have a ceiling fan, you can use it to hold a plastic tablecloth full of balloons. One strong pull and all the balloons will be all over the room.

Full tutorial: onegoodthingbyjillee.com

DIY New Year’s Straw Starburst Garland

And here is one more last idea of how to make some garland, this time with some straw starbursts.

Full tutorial: ohhappyday.com

DIY Thumbtack Votive Candles

Candles are also used for party decor, so get some and decorate them with gold thumbtacks.

thumbstack votive candles
Photo via: sohosonnet.com

So, which one of the above party decorations you will try to do for this New Year’s Eve party? Tell us in the comments and don’t forget to stay up to date with us to find many other party decoration ideas.