18 Unexpected Ways To Decorate With Wallpaper


The wallpaper trend was taking the stage in the 80’s and it seems that nowadays this home decor trend is coming back again. But in case you don’t want to cover the whole wall, and still want to add some interesting pattern into your home, than  you may think about some off-the-wall uses for wallpaper. So, since we are always here for you to give you some inspirational ideas, today we would like to show you 18 Unexpected Ways To Decorate With Wallpaper.

Wallpapers can be found in all colors and patterns possible, so you will for sure find a design that will fit in with the rest of your home decor. The wallpaper can be easily applied to any surface, so you can decorate any item you want. Apply some wallpaper on bookshelves, drawers, tabletops, nightstands and other pieces of furniture. Also, you can wrap up some plain coasters with wallpapers or maybe even cover the top of the laptop with some cool pattern. The possibilities are quite versatile and the following photo collection can get you covered of the many versatile ways to decorate your home with a roll of wallpaper. Check them out and do not hesitate to add some wallpapers into your home too. Enjoy!

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Wallpapered Changing Table

decorate with wallpaper
Photo via: thelittleumbrella.com

Wallpapered Bookshelves

wallpapered bookshelves
Photo via: myscandinavianhome.com

DIY Wallpaper Dresser Drawers

diy wallpaper dresser drawers
Photo via: chelseylifeanddesign.blogspot.com

DIY Wallpaper Tabletop

Photo via: milkandmascara.com

DIY Wallpaper Stools

Photo via: thislittlestreet.com

Computer Skin

Photo via: brit.co


Photo via: brit.co

Makeover Your Desk With Wallpaper Scraps

wallpaper desk
Photo via: blog.modcloth.com

DIY Wallpaper Coasters

diy wallpaper coasters
Photo via: thinkingcloset.com

Cover Stair Risers

Photo via: housetohome.co.uk

Dresser Drawer Liners

dresser drawer liners
Photo via: inthelittleyellowhouse.blogspot.com

DIY Vintage Wallpaper Tray

diy vintage wallpaper tray
Photo via: mysocalledcraftylife.com

DIY Wallpaper Matches

diy wallpaper matches
Photo via: morningcreativity.com

Wallpaper Window Shade

Photo via: marthastewart.com

Wallpapered Blinds

Photo via: tinkeredtreasures.blogspot.com

Wallpaper Frames

Photo via: homedit.com

File Cabinet Makeover

file cabinet makeover
Photo via: fabricpaperglue.com

Refrigerator Makeover

Photo via: 2014interior.com

Wallpapers are not only meant for walls and the above ideas are just some of the many other uses of this cheap crafting tool. Tell us in the comments which one from the above ideas you would love to copy and also let us know if you have any other idea of how to decorate with wallpaper. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other clever home decoration ideas.