19 Brick Landscaping Ideas You Should Not Miss


When it comes to decorating the patio, the designs can vary depending on the materials used. Such materials can be flagstone, cobblestone, concrete, brick etc. And it seems that the most common choice are the brick decorations. So, as we are always here for you to give you versatile home and garden decorating ideas, today, we are bringing to you a collection of 19 Brick Landscaping Ideas that may get you inspired to make brick part of your garden decor.

Brick is a long-standing material for paving walkways, patios etc. Bricks can vary in design and shape. The most common ones are the red ones, in the shape of a rectangular block. The average size of a brick are 4 inches by 8 inches by 2 ¼ inches. Brick paving is laid by hand, one block at a time, which gives the chance to create versatile patterns by laying them in a unique way. Such patterns can be herringbone, basket weave, circular pattern etc. Brick landscaping can last for a long time if they are installed properly. So, it is of great importance that the moss doesn’t grow on the surface of the bricks as well as to repair any bricks that sink or shift. There are versatile ways to decorate the backyard with brick and the following collection can will get you covered of some of them. Check them out and choose to add some brick into your backyard too. Enjoy!

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19 Brick Landscaping Designs

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Brick patios have a timeless appeal that suits perfectly to traditional architecture, but can also suit to modern home styles. Such patios are a wonderful choice for homes that already have brick integrated into their exterior design, making the indoors and outdoors feel connected. Brick patios can be a great addition to plant-filled spaces, as well as a perfect staging areas for curved furniture and potted plants.

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So, which one from the above ideas did you like the best? Would you choose to make brick part of your backyard too? Tell us in the comments and of course, don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other ideas for your backyard.