19 Cardboard Box Crafts Your Kids Will Love To Play With


It seems that there is always a cardboard box lying around your house and you don’t know what to do with it. Most often you decide to throw it away or use for storing some old and unnecessary stuff. And how about you use it to create some toy for your kids? Yes, there are many toys you can make out of a cardboard box and today we decided to give you some such inspiration. Below, we have made a collection of 19 Cardboard Box Crafts that your kids will love to play with.

These crafts are so easy to be done and they are the cheapest ones you have ever seen. Whether you want to make some cardboard sewing machine, camera, guitar, oven, laundry set, TV or maybe some playhouse, we have got you covered with the following DIY projects. Check them out below and choose how you will surprise your little ones. Follow the links under the photos to get to full tutorials.

DIY Cardboard Camper Playhouse

Make a vintage airstream camper and give your little boy a playhouse for an unlimited adventures.

Full tutorial: themerrythought.com

DIY Cardboard Box Play Sewing Machine

This sewing machine won’t sew for real, but it is great for a pretend play.

cardboard sewing machine
Full tutorial: littleredwindow.com

DIY Box Castle

Get several cardboard boxes and arrange them into a castle shape. After that paint and decorated it in the way you like.

Full tutorial: beafunmum.com

DIY Cardboard Box Lap Tray

This lap tray can be perfect for doing the homework, painting or maybe for snacking on in the bed.

diy cardboard box lap tray
Full tutorial: thecentsiblelife.com

DIY Cardboard Cash Register

If your kid loves going to the grocery store and watching the cashier scan items, then you should surprise them with this cardboard cash register.

Full tutorial: handmadecharlotte.com

DIY Cardboard Box Laundry Set

Your little girl may be too young for helping you with the laundry, so this cardboard box laundry set can keep her busy until she grows up for doing the real one.

diy cardboard box laundry set
Full tutorial: littlemissmama.com

DIY Piggy Bank

An empty cereal box can be turned into a lovely piggy bank.

Full tutorial: kixcereal.com

DIY Cardboard Box Elevator With Push Buttons

This elevator may not take you from floor to floor, but your kids will enjoy pretending it does.

Full tutorial: repeatcrafterme.com

DIY Cardboard Stove And Oven

If your kids are always around you when you are cooking, then this cardboard stove and oven can be their place for pretending they’ve been cooking too.

cardboard stove and oven
Full tutorial: phanessascrafts.blogspot.com

DIY Recycled Cardboard Dollhouse

A dollhouse is what every little girl loves to play with, so try to make some out of that empty cardboard box.

recycled cardboard dollhouse
Full tutorial: mycakies.com

DIY Chalk And Cardboard Laptop

If you believe that your kids are too young to stare at the laptop, than you can consider making this chalk and cardboard laptop.

Full tutorial: handmadecharlotte.com

Shoe Box School For Pretend Play

Find out on the link below the photo how to make this fun shoe box school for pretend play.

Full tutorial: mollymoocrafts.com

DIY Cardboard TV

And how about a 6D TV where your kids will be the main actors?

diy tv out of carboard box
Full tutorial: estefimachado.com.br

DIY Cardboard Telephone

Another craft that you can do with a cardboard is this rotary-dial telephone.

diy cardboard telephone
Full tutorial: ikatbag.com

DIY Cardboard Guitars

You can also make guitars out of a cardboard and thus give your kids a chance to pretend they are playing like rock stars.

diy cardboard guitars
Full tutorial: makeit-loveit.com

DIY Cardboard Gingerbread House Life Size

When its Christmas time, we usually prepare some tiny delicious gingerbread houses. Get inspired from them and make one out of cardboard but in a life size, so that your kids can play in it.

Full tutorial: innerchildfun.com

DIY Toy Cardboard Camera

Get some cardboard and plastic lids of detergent bottles and make this toy camera.

cardboard camera
Full tutorial: mollymoocrafts.com

DIY Cardboard Boat

Make this cardboard boat and offer your kids an adventure to explore the seas and sail to faraway lands.

diy cardboard boat
Full tutorial: ehow.com

DIY Cardboard Bed

And the last project for today is of a cardboard bed that your kids can use for putting to bed their dolls.

Full tutorial: hellobee.com

So, how would you choose to surprise your little ones? Tell us in the comments and don’t forget to stay up to date with our content to find many other DIY projects you can do in your free time.