2 Things You Should Do Differently to Sleep Better at Night

Smiling woman sleeping in bed

Are you lacking sleep lately? We understand it’s not the best feeling in the world to be sleep-deprived. Battling the feeling of sluggishness all day that no amount of caffeine can cure. You can’t even be productive because the feeling of alertness has deserted you. 

And if you continue to be sleep-deprived in longer periods of time – that would be harmful to your overall well-being. When you continuously deprive yourself of sleep, you will have higher chances in getting heart diseases, anxiety, and depression. They are the things you really want to avoid. 

When you sleep well, you also take good care of yourself. So, it really matters that you get enough good rest. It’s not good to constantly pull all-nighters. Whatever you need to do, it can wait. You need to get some shut-eye first. You have to put some balance. Besides, you can get a lot of things done only if you have enough sleep. 

However, for some, it’s not even a choice. They are unable to sleep. It’s a problem that has plagued a lot of people but there’s a solution, of course. There are two things that you could check on so you could change your sleep for the better. What are they? 

Your bed. – The culprit to your sleeplessness could simply be your bed. A lot of people may ignore the fact that their bed is the thing responsible for their lack of sleep.

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You may have a space to lie on at night, but does it help in your sleep? If you have an uncomfortable bed, chances are, you’d be waking up constantly to adjust your position. When we say bed, check your mattress and pillows. 

Your mattress should have the right firmness. Not too hard or it would cause body pains and not too soft either that you can’t move with ease. Check your pillows as well, they may be too hard or too soft. Check your pillows’ height also, it should be enough to support your neck. 

Your night time habits. – How long do you stay on your electronic devices? Are you still using them long after you’ve turned off the lights? This is a concern that most people do not recognize as an issue. 

Some people even argue that they are using their gadgets to lull themselves to sleep. You should know though that, that’s not the case. Actually, its effect is the opposite. Scrolling down through your gadgets may appear harmless but don’t be too sure on that. 

The blue light that your electronic devices emit suppresses the production of melatonin in your body. Melatonin is the hormone that regulates our sleep. It “tells” us to sleep. When you’re low in melatonin – you will have a harder time to sleep. 

So, best to stay away from your gadgets when you are approaching your bed time. It’s not a good idea to get your gadget to make you sleep – because it won’t.

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Sleep doesn’t have to be elusive if you check on these two aspects. Inspect what’s preventing you from having that restful sleep. It could be your bed, it could be your gadget addiction, it could be both. The answer to better sleep could be – improving your sleeping conditions and cutting your gadget time. Try them and see how they could change your sleep on the coming nights ahead.