20+ Beautiful Backyard Waterfalls And Ponds You Should Not Miss


If you live in a house and have a yard, you shouldn’t miss to decorate it. The outdoors is what usually people first see, so make sure its worth staring at. And of course, once it is decorated in the right way, you will enjoy spending some time over there during the sunny days. Flowers and plants are the must-have for beautifying the yard, and if you wish to make it even more beautiful you may consider adding some water features. Today, we have made a photo collection of  20+ Beautiful Backyard Waterfalls And Ponds that you can find as inspiration of how to decorate your backyard.

Adding some water features into the backyard will create a more relaxed and soothing atmosphere. The sound of falling water will definitely create a real harmony. You can create a natural-looking waterfall with the use of some rough stones. Arrange them in the shape of stairs and thus make it look even more beautiful.

And if you wish to give your backyard a magical look, then you may consider adding some lighting. For instance, some LED lights in various colors can make your backyard a truly magical spot, which will be your favorite place for the summer nights. Below, you will be able to see a collection of versatile waterfall and pond designs, including ledge, plunge or slide waterfalls, with multiple cascades or with a single fall. Check them out and choose how you will beautify your backyard. Enjoy!

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20+ Beautiful Backyard Waterfalls And Ponds

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Garden Water Feature
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Each one of the these waterfalls and ponds is unique, because their design depends on the location, the properties of the site as well as the owner’s taste and preferences. When there is a steep site, there is a space for more creativity. Any design you want can be artificially created. Use rocks and plants to shape the waterfall and arrange it according to your taste. Combine it with an already existing water feature, like a pool or pond, or simply let it stand out on its own.

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So, would you choose to add some waterfall in your backyard and thus create a more soothing and relaxed atmosphere? Tell us in the comments and of course, don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many wonderful ideas of how to decorate your backyard.