20+ DIY Golden Penny Decor Ideas That You Will Love to See!


Golden decor ideas are perfect for this season my wonderful top dreamers! The good idea here is that you don’t need gold in order to decorate your home.

We have a brilliant idea for you! If you are looking for a golden, shiny element to decorate your home, then you can use your saved pennies! It’s that simple. Penny decor is a unique way of decorating your home interior. You can use penny decor to decorate your old vase, make some new penny decor letters, decorate your wall mirror, and even you can decorate your whole wall! Today, we selected for you 20+ DIY Golden Penny Decor Ideas That You Will Love to See!

Take a look at the following golden collection and tell us which one is your favorite.

Golden Penny Home Decor Ideas 

Penny Vase 

Change the look of your old vase with this golden look. What you need? A box of your saved pennies. Just glue them on your vase and you’ll have entirely new golden home decor element. Fill it with your favorite flowers and enjoy.

Image via www.lamano-invisible.net
Image via www.lilyshop.com

Penny Decor Mirror 

Do you want to see a touch of gold when you will see your wall mirror? Then you can glue some of your saved pennies to your mirror frame. The result? You’ll see below.

Image via www.diply.com

Penny Decor Birds Tree House

See how you can change the look of your birds tree house with a penny decor roof.

Image via www.zelfmaakideetjes.nl

Penny Globe Decor

Image via www.zelfmaakideetjes.nl

Penny Decor Letters

Write your favorite quote or word and stick it with some pennies to get inspiration every day!

Image via www.diynewlyweds.com
Image via www.cooldiyideas.com
Image via www.blog.oubly.com

Penny Wall Decor Ideas

Penny decor ideas can be also incorporated in your wall decor for your home. Bring these golden elements into your kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom.

Kitchen Penny Wall Decor Ideas

Image via www.jaizee.com
Image via www.minimalisti.com
Image via www.allrealwoodfurniture.com
Image via www.homedit.com

There are many shiny ideas of how you can decorate your kitchen wall with penny decor. If  you want to know more, feel free to check this site www.ehow.com

Living Room Penny Decor Ideas

Image via www.allcreated.com
Image via www.wonderfulengineering.com
Image via www.agrotianmoment.com
Image via www.hometalk.com
Image via www.therenoprojects.blogspot.com

Bedroom Penny Decor Ideas

Image via www.dothi.net

Bathroom Penny Decor Ideas 

Image via www.burandoburando.net
Image via www.homeideasfinders.com
Image via www.founterior.com

Closet Wall Penny Ideas 

Image via www.woohome.com

So, how did you find our penny decor ideas for your home? Isn’t they lovely? Which one is your favorite? We want to hear from you. Feel free to share your comments with us and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter that you will easily find on our Top Dreamer website. Also, we made this collection to give you great ideas how to bring nice, shiny atmosphere to your dream home. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer and find many other great home interior ideas.