20+ DIY Pallet Planters You Should See Today


Pallets can be repurposed in versatile ways to create decorations both for the home and garden. You can make versatile pieces of furniture for your home out of pallets, such as side tables, coffee tables, shelves etc. Or you can take them in the outdoors, and make some pallet bed, bench and even some pallet planter. Today, we are bringing to you a collection of 20+ DIY Pallet Planters to get you inspired to use pallets as planters for your garden.

Pallets are a one of the most common materials used for recycling. They can be easily reshaped and thus transformed into versatile items. You can easily turn them into planters for your garden, backyard or even balcony. They can be used as an alternative to a vertical garden. You can plant all sorts of plants in pallets, including versatile flowers, succulents etc. Scroll down to see the DIY pallet planters that we have chosen for you today and get inspired to make some for your garden too. Enjoy!

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20+ DIY Pallet Planters

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Photo via: 99pallets.com
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As you can notice there are versatile ways to turn pallets into planters. You can even plant flowers in terracotta pots and use the pallet to display them.Choose to repaint the pallets in some vibrant colors or maybe to do this with the terracotta pots to make your planter or vertical garden look more eye-catching.

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vertical herb garden
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flower pallet garden
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Another great thing about pallet planters is that you can set them anywhere you want in your backyard. For instance, you can even place them in front of or hang them on the fence and thus beautify it. Make sure that they are getting the right amount of sun and water, to grow well.

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staggered pallet planter
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pallet planters
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Pallets are one of the items that you can turn into planters and the above ideas are just some of the many possible ways of how to do this. Tell us in the comments which one of them did you like the best. And of course, don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other DIY ideas of how to decorate your garden.