20 Most Influential Video Games of All Time


There are many games that worth attention of gamers. Some projects turned out to be quite disappointing and raw. Some projects, from which they did not expect this, presented the players with hundreds of hours of unforgettable adventures in another reality. Of course, the most number of games contain fights and the like. However, it is this genre that makes the greatest impression on the audience. The source of information is Research Papers.


1.Fallout 4

This is a continuation of the famous post-apocalyptic series, the events of which develop several years after the end of Fallout 3. The only survivor of Vault 111, which was located near Boston, becomes the protagonist of the game. The main character will have to leave his home in order to embark on an adventure full of dangers. The fourth part differs from its previous series with a new place of action – Boston and its surroundings. There are also some changes in the game mechanics.


The game is a multiplayer action-based role-playing strategy in which a gamer travel around the gothic city of Yarnam, covered by an epidemic. The main task is to find the source of the plague, which has wiped out almost the entire population.

3.Super Mario Maker

Super Mario Maker is a side-scrolling platformer about “game creation” in Mario’s universe, where players collect their own levels, and then try them in action or share with other players. In fact, it is an infinitely addictive game that promises new levels every day and even infinitely.

4.Rise of the Tomb Raider

The gameplay has not changed much since the previous part – it is still a third-person action game where Lara travels around the big world, battling with opponents, creating various items for herself and trying to survive in the difficult conditions of snow-covered Siberia. The developers also added a large number of new puzzles to the game, for which players will have to explore various ruins and tombs as thoroughly as possible to find a passage further.

5.Life is Strange

Life is Strange is an adventure game from the creators of Remember Me, where the player controls a girl named Max Caulfield who can rewind time. The game has incorporated the best finds of plot games of recent times.

6.Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

With great impatience, millions of gamers around the world have been waiting for the release of this game. After all, it had to answer many questions that were raised in the previous parts. The open game world gives gamers complete freedom to complete missions and complete the game.

7.The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Computer role-playing game based on a series of novels “The Witcher” by the Polish writer and this is the final part of the trilogy. The player again plays the role of a witch who kills monsters. The main character goes on a dangerous journey through the lands torn by war, and here the journey begins.


This is an isometric pixel RPG, where the hero fell into the underworld. He will have to fight with the monsters, and try to make friends with them and put in their ranks.


This is a new life of a classic game with which almost everyone is familiar. Despite its age, this game remains pretty exciting.

10. Angry Birds

This is the most popular, recently cross-platform game. The game is made in the old and long-forgotten genre of “turrets,” where you need to fire, and destroy a stable object with available limited shells. In the center of the drama are green pigs who stole eggs from colorful birds, as a result of which the birds got angry and decided to take revenge.

11. The Simps

This is a game about society, which has inscribed each specific family of virtual people in a multidimensional and diverse society. It seemed that after the release of the latter part of the player it was already difficult to surprise with something, but the developers decided to try and they succeeded.

12. Subnautica

Sci-fi game in the genre of survival, where the key to victory is savvy and intelligence, not power. The game is played on behalf of a futuristic cosmonaut who finds himself in a mysterious and dangerous underwater world. There are no weapons in this game: the creators did this on purpose, emphasizing the already large amount of violence in the real world.

13. Grand Theft Auto

The game appeared on the market for a long time and captured a lot of fans. The developers continued the series of games delighting their fans.

14. The Legend of Zelda

It is necessary to take note of the features of this game, which make it one of the liveliest and vibrant to date. The virtual world of the game is your Tamagotchi, teach him independence and he will surprise you.

15. PUBG

The essence of the game is in the fact that 100 players land on the island, who are beginning to struggle for survival. Initial goal: to collect the maximum available resources, which include weapons, equipment, vehicles. To win, you need to remain the only survivor. This was the most popular game of 2017.

16. Persona 5

The plot, which at first seems a bit naive, touches on quite important topics. Heroes on personal experience will learn how public opinion and the actions of unprincipled people invested with power can ruin their lives. They seek justice, learn to appreciate freedom, to defend their interests and to hear the voice of conscience.

17. Horizon Zero Dawn

This is a post-apocalyptic role-playing game where people thrown into the stone age survive and fight for a place under the sun with robots that have evolved into animals. The plot is not revealed immediately, but gradually, reaching a climax to the final.

18. The Walking Dead

This is a game whose events unfold in a post-apocalyptic world. The developers managed to create an amazingly exciting story, a magnificent combat system, and a huge living world, full of secrets and mysteries and inviting to explore every corner of it.

19. Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

Every year, fans to play with a soccer ball on a virtual soccer field are waiting for the onset of new products, namely, the next sequel to the major football series FIFA.

20. Lego The Incredibles

The release of the game was tied to the premiere of the sequel “The Incredibles,” which fans of the original have been waiting for almost 15 years. Taking into account the shortest possible time, the result turned out to be, though predictable, but fascinating. It turned out another exciting game, not much changing the usual formula.