20 Traditional Desserts From Around The World

20 Traditional Desserts From Around The World

If you enjoy having some delicious dessert, like a cake, waffle, a piece of a pie, cookie or something else, and also if your biggest wish is to explore the world and visit different countries, then you must check out this post. We have made a collection of 20 Traditional Desserts From Around The World.

So,  if you go to Belgium don’t miss out the traditional Belgium Waffle usually served with chocolate, whipped cream and fruit. If Ireland is your next destination, don’t forget to taste the Guinness cake, where one of the main ingredients is the traditional Irish beer – Guinness. And of course, the traditional American Apple Pie is something most of you have already heard about.

And if you wonder what kind of desserts to eat in Macedonia, Turkey, France, Italy, Romania or in some other state in the world, go ahead and take a look at the pictures below to find out their traditional desserts. Enjoy!

Apple Pie – USA

Photo via: sheknows.com

Baklava – Turkey

Photo via: panoramio.com

Mantecados – Spain

Photo via: sunshineandsiestas.com

Cozonac – Romania

Photo via: jocooks.com

Sfouf – Lebanon

Photo via: lebanese-cuisine.com

Apple Strudel – Germany

Photo via: theberghoff.com

Guinness Cake – Ireland

Photo via: globaltableadventure.com

Tulumba – Macedonia

Photo via: tortekolaci.com

Zhele – Ukraine

Photo via: thedailymeal.com

Syrniki – Russia

Photo via: vikalinka.com

Thai Mango With Sticky Rice – Thailand

Photo via: indochinekitchen.com

Arroz Con Leche – Mexico

Photo via: recetas-mexicanas.com.mx

Sacher Torte – Austria

Photo via: blog.wblakegray.com

Mochi Ice Cream – Japan

Photo credit: onesushiandgrill.com

Pavlova – Australia

Photo via: fromchapelhilltochickenville.blogspot.com

Belgian Waffles – Belgium

Photo via: chef-in-training.com

Babka – Poland

Photo via: firstlookthencook.com

Maple Taffy – Canada

Photo via: travelandescape.ca

Gelato – Italy

Photo via: askchefdennis.com

Chocolate Souffle – France

Photo via: thedailymeal.com