20+ Wonderful Galaxy Decor Ideas That Will Bring Magic Into Your Home


Who is in for a mystical journey in the galaxy? Do you want to get a feeling of the power of the Universe into your own home?

Then, we have incredible news for you my top dreamers! Now, you can bring the galaxy magic colors into your home and relax under a sky full of stars. Take a look at our magical gallery of 20+ Wonderful Galaxy Decor Ideas That Will Bring Magic Into Your Own Home, and tell us which one inspired you the most.


Galaxy Home Decor Ideas

Galaxy Pumpkin

Are you looking for a crazy cool idea for this Halloween? So, let us tell you how you can paint your Halloween pumpkin so that it will look as if it was from a different planet.  For more info on how you can turn your ordinary pumpkin into something extraordinary and cool check the instructions on www.theswelldesigner.com

Image via www.theswelldesigner.com

Galaxy Lantern 

If you want to relax under the stars of the Universe, check this amazing galaxy decor idea for your paper lantern.

Image via www.wzaobao.com

Galaxy Dream Catcher 

Dream catchers look super cute and they will look even better if they have a touch of dreamy galaxy colors. Let’s check our example below.

Image via www.universe-beauty.com

Galaxy Jars

Can you imagine galaxy jars that will shine even when you turn off the lights? Check the following picture and you won’t believe your eyes!

Image via www.weheartit.com

Galaxy Wine Glass

Look at this galaxy glass peace of art. You can do it on your own and enjoy in a magical evening with your beloved.

Image via www.kvartblog.ru

Galaxy Decor Keys 

Who would have thought of this? Making your own galaxy keys? Only the true lovers of Star Wars.

Image via www.notedlist.com

Galaxy Decor Window Blinds

Do you want to take a nap and feel as if it was a night? Then, you should definitely incorporate this awesome invention – a galaxy decor window blinds.

Image via www.lushome.com

Galaxy Decor Carpet

Image via www.izismile.com

Galaxy Wall Decor

Image via www.urbanoutfitters.com
Image via www.msoreadsbooks.com

Galaxy Decor Interior

If you want to get into a magical home, take a look at our galaxy wall murals and ceilings for your home interior. You will love every second spent in your home assimilating the cosmic power.

Galaxy Decor Living Room

Image via www.es.aliexpress.com
Image via www.lockerdome.com
Image via www.livingoops.com
Image via www.hdimagelib.com
Image via www.hdimagelib.com

Galaxy Decor Bedroom 

Image via www.weheartit.com
Image via www.nearpictures.com
Image via www.aliexpress.com
Image via www.es.aliexpress.com
Image via www.myawesomepanda.com
Image via www.feelmebz.tumblr.com
Image via www.magazin.studio-md2.com
Image via www.paperplayne.com

Galaxy Decor Kid’s Room

Image via www.nekretninebl.com

Galaxy Decor Nursery Room 

Image via www.weheartit.com

So, how did you find our galaxy decor ideas for your home? Isn’t they lovely? Which one is your favorite? We want to hear from you. Feel free to share your comments with us and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter that you will easily find on our Top Dreamer website. Also, we made this collection to give you great ideas how to bring the power of the Universe to your dream home. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer and find many other great home interior ideas.