2019 Home Design Trends in North Carolina


We don’t say “there’s no place like home” for nothing! Home is a place where we feel the best! Resting after a long day at work, spending time with our beloved ones and our lovely kids, celebrating birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, etc. Having our home designed as we like is something most of us aspire to. Whether it’s summer or winter, autumn or spring, we will always try to keep up with home design trends in North Carolina. How much we can do depend on our monthly income but most of the people can afford to do it every now and then. So, today we will talk about some home design trends in North Carolina!

2019 Home Design Trends in North Carolina

Do you like to go shopping? Of course, you do! Searching for new home design trends is making us excited, no matter how young or old we are. That’s definitely one of the things that make us happy, so why wouldn’t we do it often! However, you don’t have to buy a new home, you can just remodel and renovate your old one to be “in” and trendy! So, we will talk about home design trends in North Carolina for 2019! Let’s see what’s “IN” nowadays and what are the home design trends you would like the most!

  • Professional Moving Company
  • Stacked Stone
  • Super Trendy Kitchen
  • Blonde Wood Tones!
  • Grey is definitely still IN!
  • Let there be light!

Professional Moving Company

Whether you are making a short or long-distance move, it is highly recommended to hire a professional mover. Every professional moving company has a license and years of experience in the moving industry. What to expect from a professional mover? They are fast, reliable, trustworthy and professional people who will pack, relocate and take care of your belongings! There are a lot of moving services that a professional moving company can provide for you! You can check for those services at movingkingsnc.com. Some of those services are:

  • Good communication with their clients
  • Packing and Unpacking
  • Truck and Transport
  • Safety and Insurance
  • Recycling
  • Storage Solutions
  • Special services (moving bulky items, such as piano or home safe, etc.)

If you are a home buyer and you found a home of your dreams, you will need a professional moving company to relocate your belongings fast and safely.

Stacked Stone

Stacked stone was one of the most popular home design trends in 2018 and builders saying that it will continue the same way in 2019 too! So many different shades give it versatility in color palettes. It’s also a good idea if you want to use it inside your home. A fireplace would look wonderful with stacked stones around, from the floor to the ceilings! The exterior colors will be a little bit different in 2019. There are more and more people who are switching from white to some darker colors, such as chocolate brown or even black! And while we are talking about the interior, you should also check on some tips for restoring your car’s interior!

Super Trendy Kitchen

When it comes to home design trends in North Carolina, women are usually excited about the kitchen first! Well, get ready because there will be a lot of major changes in this part of the house in 2019! Even though there will still be blond cabinets, there won’t be any knobs and handles on the drawers and doors. Also, there won’t be Shaker cabinet doors or stainless-steel appliances. Countertops are trending darker and oak and hickory wood are getting in the game and will be home design trends in North Carolina for 2019! So, how do you like that? In addition, if you are renovating your kitchen, check on some tips for choosing kitchen cabinets!

Blond wooden floors will be popular in 2019 too.

Home Design Trends In North Carolina – Blonde Wood Tones!

Most of the people loved blonde wooden floors and cabinets and it seems like they are staying for home design in 2019 too! A lot of home buyers are very interested in blonde wooden floors nowadays. The best thing about blonde wooden floors and cabinets is that they go good with any kind of decor and they look extremely natural. Also, having a blonde wooden floor will instantly make any room bigger and brighter! Lighter tones of the waterproof laminate are also very popular now and it will remain like that in 2019 too!

In addition, if you are renovating and want to change your roof too, here are some tips on mistakes to avoid when choosing a home roofing company!

Grey is Definitely Still IN!

“50 shades of gray” is not only a book, but it is also a very popular home design trend that is going on for several years now and seems like it will be popular in 2019 also! Shades of gray have been showing up in houses in a lot of forms! From fireplace bricks, kitchen and bathroom flooring and tiles, exterior to interior walls and kitchen cabinets! Because of its’ neutrality, it became a good background for other palettes, such as wall colors, decor, cabinetry, and even artwork. Even though some people say that shades of gray will be less popular in 2019, and some warmer color will be more IN, don’t you think that some nice gray-yellow or gray-blue combination can look wonderful in your kitchen, living or dining room? It certainly will look great! Try it!

Wonderful shades of gray will make your living room look great!

Home Design Trends In North Carolina – Let there be light!

There will be more light in 2019 home design trends in North Carolina! A lot of home buyers are interested in placing more emphasis on light fixtures. The look of their new home must be bright with a lot of lights, that’s something that home buyers consider as the most important thing nowadays when they are purchasing a home. Light fixtures will be extremely popular in 2019 and they will be more and more popular to the point that fixtures will look like art! You will be able to see sculptural fixtures, geometrically designed fixtures, industrial chic matte black fixtures with exposed bulbs or wall-mounted light fixtures and many many more.

These things will be the most popular home design trends in North Carolina in 2019! Have you made up your mind yet? If not, what are you waiting for?! Get out, go shopping and decide what is the best idea and what would you like your home to look like in 2019! Best of luck and have a nice renovation or home hunting!