2020 Interior design trends for the bedroom


Smaller square space in the room is usually reserved for the bedroom. Although, this doesn’t necessarily have to be a rule. Because of e certain limitation of space, decorating and arranging is not always an easy task. These are the trends in the interior design of bedrooms of the year 2020. Check out which are the trends.

A modern style of decorating

This year’s trend is more about comfort in the decoration in our home. This primarily applies to color palettes and materials used in the room. Warm tones, pleasant dark shades of colors on the walls. Other elements as well such as luxurious furniture, luxury bedding, decorative pillows, and other textiles.

Minimalist style

Minimalism cannot be called a new trend because it has been popular for several years. However, this year it became softer. But it still has the same range of gray-white and black colors. On the other hand, this year has been diluted with light colors and soft but simple lines and shapes. There are details that are already familiar to minimalism. Such as build-in systems, laconicism of decorative items and compositions, modular elements, and rational use of the space.

Upholstered or padded headboard

A headboard can drastically ‘elevate’ your bedroom to a whole new level. In addition, it gives a sophisticated and glamorous look. Therefore, it has been announced as a big trend for this year. The upholstered headboard started as a decorative note and now it became a new trend.

Patterned bedding

Excellent, comfortable, and soft bedding is an absolute trend this year. Therefore, it is time to invest in one of these quality sets. For example, choose bolder colors, patterns, and interesting fabrics. Most importantly to use them just for your bedroom. In other words, this year everything that attracts attention and stands out in the room is the new trend.

Ornamental plants in jars

Plants in a jar are one of the biggest interiors designs this year. This trend not only applies to the bedroom but in the home as well. That is to say that this type of decoration is an environmentally friendly option. So it fits perfectly into almost any style of decoration. To sum up, this means that this year plants in jars will be everywhere. Whether hug above the bed or kept on a dresser.


A mirror is an object whose decorative element and exceeds in its functionality. They will never go out of trend. In other words, the mirror is much more than a piece of furniture that you are using it every day. When you are putting on makeup or fixing your hair. It gives your home a stylish stamp. Decorative mirrors can separate the room, connect the furniture in the space, or they can serve as a main point in the room.

Decorative accessories for the bedroom

In the bedroom this year, each detail is important. However, modern style advice to get rid of unnecessary decoration. But it is still an ongoing trend. For example paintings on the walls; clocks or mirrors in an interesting frame; flowers; wall paintings or applications; lights on walls or ceilings; figurines, chests, vases, and many other items. In conclusion, these items give the bedroom uniqueness and a piece of our character.