25 Awesome DIY Ideas to Incorporate Birch Tree in Your Interior


Hey Top Dreamers! For today I have 25 awesome DIY ideas to incorporate birch tree in your interior. The white bark gives this tree a distinguished look, making it a perfect alternative when it comes to decorating the house. Nowadays, you can find many furniture designs that are made of birch tree and even more home decorations that feature birch tree in more pure and natural way. You won’t regret it, if you decide to incorporate the birch tree in your interior. With its unique look, this tree will make your home contemporary and modern.

The ideas that I have selected for you are magnificent. For some you may need a help of professionals, while some are very easy and quick to do it. Let’s check them out and draw some inspiration. Enjoy and have fun!

  • Large table for folding clothes
image via www.shopikon.com
  • Bedside table decoration 
image via adelaparvu.com
  • Wall decoration behind the corner sofa
image via adelaparvu.com
  • Birch pillars incorporated in a big living room 
birch tree
image via www.westport-news.com
  • Fantastic wall decoration in bedroom 
bedroom headboard
image via enpundit.com
  • Astonishing birch tree elements incorporated in dining room 
wall decor
image via www.homedit.com
  • Great way to fill the empty corners 
dining room
image via www.homedit.com
  • Add a rustic touch to your interior with birch and stone walls 
image via www.homedit.com
  •  You need only a branch to beautify your living room
birch decor
image via www.ambranews.com
  • Birch trees look great in offices too
birch office decor
image via catwoman.pe.kr

The ideas above are awesome and I really like them, because this is the easiest way to bring the nature in your house and make the whole interior more fresh and bright. Now, I will show you some other diy ideas to incorporate birch tree in your house. You can find the full tutorial of the projects, by clicking on the link under each picture.

The birch tree will create a feeling of serenity and tranquility in your house. Plus, it looks fascinating when incorporated right. Did you noticed how beautiful it looks as a decor in both living and dining room? Oh yes, it can also be incorporated in bedroom too.

The projects below are very easy and you won’t have any difficulties when creating them. From table lamp to floor lamp, to candle holders and tables – you can create everything from birch trees. Let’s check these diy ideas out!

  • Beautiful small candle holders to decorate the coffee table in the living room
Full tutorial on www.mysocalledhome.com
  • Magnificent set of hooks for your entryway
image via inspiredbycharm.com
  • Astonishing and unique wall panel
wall panel
Full tutorial on www.marthastewart.com
  • Lovely easy to make coffee table for your empty bedroom corner 
coffee table
Full tutorial on fishki.net
  • Small table for your living room
birch wood table
Full tutorial on www.sincerelykinsey.com
  • Set of candle holders to make relaxing atmosphere in the bathroom 
Birch Wood Candle Holders
Full tutorial on www.oleanderandpalm.com
  • Vintage table lamp for your bedroom
table lamp
image via www.shelterness.com
  • Beautiful floor lamp to beautify your living room 
floor lamp
Full tutorial on www.remodelista.com
  • Handrail made of birch tree to add a woodsy touch to the ordinary stairs 
image via www.countryliving.com
  • Interesting shelves for every room in your house  
image via designawards.wordpress.com
  • Cute and really easy way to bring the nature in your house 
image via urodaizdrowie.pl
  • Make your bed extravagant with birch trees 
image via www.odome.com.ua
  • You can make a lovely headboard from this type of tree 
image via www.homedit.com

Thank you for reading! Enjoy in the rest of your day and stay up to date with the contents of Top Dreamer!