27 Mind Blowing Hidden Storage Ideas For Every Part Of Your Home


A hidden storage space is what we all need in our homes. It will helps us keep the space neat and organized, it won’t disturb the aesthetic appeal of the room and it won’t take any additional space. Such hidden storage spaces are perfect for small homes and they can be found all around the home. And the best thing of all is that nobody can even notice them. Today, we have picked several to show you where in your home you can store many of your items. Let’s check them out!

Living Room Hidden Storage Ideas

The living room is the first place to look for some storage space. This could either be some mounted TV wall unit with some shelves behind it, some coffee or side table with a storage space underneath that cannot be even noticed at first glance. Or there may be even some bigger table that looks like ordinary table, but when you pull up the top you have a flat screen TV. Sounds amazing, right?


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Hallway or Entryway Storage Space

In most homes there is a staircase in the hallway and this don’t really need to be just an ordinary staircase. It will be better if it has some hidden storage space where you can store your shoes, some books or anything else you like. Also, you may think of having a storage space underneath the windowsill which is definitely a place you wouldn’t think of storing something in.

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Hidden Storage Ideas For The Kitchen

Your kitchen may be the perfect room for having such storage spaces, since you will need to organize all those kitchen utensils and gadgets. Look for some smart cabinet designs, some pull out drawers that can fit next to the fridge or the oven, or maybe make that fake drawer functional and store some sponges inside.

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Bedroom Storage Space

When it comes to the bedroom storage space, you may look for some headboard with storage behind it, or for some nightstand that can also feature an additional space when you open it. Or maybe you can look for a bunk bed like this one below that has a closet space included under the bed and is perfect choice for small apartments.

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Bathroom Hidden Storage Ideas

And just like the kitchen, your bathroom is also one of those rooms in your home that require great storage space for all those beauty products and tools, toiletries, towels etc. You can find some hidden storage space behind a mirror, on the side or under the bathtub, behind the shower tiles etc. Here are several such ideas that you may love to have in your bathroom.

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So, which one from the above hidden storage ideas fascinate you the most? Tell us in the comments and also let us know if you have any other idea of such clever storage spaces in different parts of the home. And of course, stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other great ideas for your home decor.