3 Advances in Digital Photography Software


What can you do with your digital photography software?

There have been many advancements in digital photography within the past few years. With almost everyone having access to digital cameras via smartphones or tablet PCs, digital photography software has had to adjust and come up with ways to improve images taken by mobile devices.

Here are three things that digital photography software can do to improve photographs and videos from regular cameras and mobile devices, including drones.

Sizing Up Subjects

If you need to know the size of the subject in a photograph, then some photogrammetry programs can help you discover the answer. This type of software can give you the 3D measurements and models using a regular camera, digital camera, smartphone, or drone.

The software provides the measurements from the images you’ve taken and exports the information to your design software or CAD to create models or diagrams from the image.

These programs can help with:

  • Surveying and mapping land.
  • Reconstruct scenes from accidents.
  • Measure and diagramming crime scenes.
  • Take measurements for creating models of archeological artifacts.
  • Document and measure older buildings for preservation efforts.

While there are several digital photography program options, here is one that many professionals use on the job, Photomodeler.com.

Create Perfect Portraits

Both professional and amateur photographers want their images to look as good as possible, especially those taken with a smartphone. There are several photo editing programs available online for free or that you can buy to download onto your computer.

While free online software can be great for an amateur with a limited budget, they have some limitations. However, if you are only editing videos or images for Instagram posts, then they should be sufficient.

There are more advanced programs that professionals can buy to touch-up portraits, allow them to manipulate images, such as changing the background, or that can edit digital images from other mobile devices like drones.

Categorize Your Images

If you have a large library of images on your camera or saved on your computer, it can be a tedious task to look for one image out of hundreds. Fortunately, there is digital photography software that allows you to put your images and videos into different categories to find them faster.

If the images you need to work with are not on your laptop, some categorizing programs provide ways to find offline images or those stored on another computer. With this software, you can copy your catalog onto a laptop to work with them while you’re away from your office or home.


Along with different software applications for digital photographers, camera technology has vastly improved as well. Some cameras have applications like GPS, Wi-Fi, or 3D features built into them.

These advancements make it easier for non-professionals to get professional quality images from their cameras, whether they were shot with digital camera equipment or cameras on mobile devices. If you are a beginner then it will be costly to manage multiple pricey lenses and different camera models. In this case you can rent photography equipment from a reputed website or store. This will be helpful for the time being.

Photographers can shop for these software applications online and download them directly from software company websites, whether programs are free or purchased.