3 Benefits of Purifying the Air in Your Home


We spend a lot of time in our homes, and even more so since the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of us who work long hours in our home offices struggle to find time to get outdoors for a breath of fresh air and instead spend most of our days breathing in the air in our homes, which studies show might now be all that good for us. Air purifiers are a great investment for any home, no matter how big or small – here are a few benefits you could get from picking one up.

Healthier Air for You and Your Family

Worrying about our health is simply another stressor that we all have to deal with. Being able to reduce that worry with the knowledge that your home is clean and safe for you and your family, is going to be helpful. This comes down to more than just dirt and mould hiding in our homes, and includes the air we breathe. Certain air purifiers not only clean the air of harmful substances and allergens but can sanitise it too, which will help prevent spreading germs from one family member to another. 

A Fresh Smelling Home

With an air purifier, not only will the air in your home be fresh and clean to breathe, but it will smell that way too. Air purifiers control nasty odours in the same way they control the potentially harmful germs in the air. This means that any chemical smells from materials like paint, lingering cooking smells, smelly pets and other messes won’t leave your home smelling unpleasant and these smells also won’t get the chance to settle into your carpets or furniture. 

A Cleaner Home Overall

Dust is constantly building up and never seems to end – the moment you turn off the vacuum cleaner, a new, fresh layer of dust seems to have gathered across every surface of your home. Believe it or not, an air purifier can help to improve this issue too! The filters in an air purifier trap particles (including dust particles) right from the air and prevent them from settling in your home. This includes dust, pollen, and pet dander too which can contribute to the alleviation of any allergies you and your family might experience, on top of reducing your need to vacuum – a win-win situation. 

Should I Get One?

Taking care of our bodies is important and sometimes we need to look further than our weekly run and avoiding getting takeout three times a week. Anyone who spends a lot of time indoors should consider investing in an air purifier, but make sure to get a great quality one to be sure you’re reaping the benefits. Be sure to do some proper research and read some reviews on the brand and type you select before committing to it, so you can be sure that the technology and performance are what you would expect. Buying an air purifier can improve your health in the small ways you don’t even notice – and those often count more than we expect.