3 Best Benefits of Using Photography in Your Interior Design Vision


The more time you spend in your home, the more you realize it could use a major revamp. And once you come to this realization, you’ll likely fall into one of two categories of people: those who are super excited for a home makeover and those who start to dread all the work ahead.

In either case, following some useful tips can help make the logistics go off without a hitch and ensure the outcome matches your vision. To get started, one of the best ideas is incorporating artwork throughout your house. Specifically, hanging some photography art can really work wonders for just about any space.

Now, people who love photos might be experiencing a lightbulb moment, while others may be a bit more skeptical. But it’s true — no matter your style or what type of look you’re looking to create, there are several benefits to using photography in interior design.

1. Big Impact, Little Effort

Plenty of furniture, accessories, and overall feng shui can help shape how any room looks. Some ideas are subtle and others are glaringly obvious, but artwork becomes unmistakable as soon as it’s introduced. Indeed, artistry of any kind adds the type of splash and wow-factor that’s not easily replicated elsewhere throughout a home.

And it’s super easy! In some cases, you can hang a large statement print and let it do all the talking for the room. Meantime, several smaller pieces arranged in a pattern on a wall can look clean as well. Or, you can simply have a few framed photos placed throughout the rooms.

In any case, craftmanship of any kind tends to look classy and can bring a room together in a unique way — and the options you have at your disposal are endless. So, don’t be shy about letting your sense of style dictate the size and aesthetic of certain pieces you wish to incorporate in your new interior design.

2. Versatility as an Asset

You may have a certain perception of what photography art looks like in a room. Maybe you’ve previously seen it used poorly — or in a way that doesn’t match your personal taste. But there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to hanging photography art, as there are just as many types of photos in the world as there are people.

In the kitchen, maybe you want to incorporate something that invokes freshness and includes natural elements, your favorite ingredients, or common cooking utensils. In a guest room, you can hang a photo of some local architecture or a nearby landscape that will give visitors a sense of place. Meantime, you could go with something related to your favorite team or sport in a game room or man cave. Or, you can go with a more abstract patterned print in your dining room.

When thinking about photography, some people’s minds immediately jump to family or travel photos. Those can look fine in the right circumstances. But fine art photography almost always looks classy and great — and it doesn’t necessarily have to be artsy-fartsy.

To many, fine art represents an often generalized and wide genre that can also overlap with abstract photography. Someone’s take on this style may include photos of a zoomed-in sand dune, the side of a building, or a macro shot of an animal that’s hard to identify at first. Just keep an open mind. After all, this doesn’t have to mean incorporating traditional photos of people, places, and things.

3. Right for Any Budget

Museum-quality photography can cost a ton of money. Now, it might not ever hit the prices of an original Monet or Van Gogh, but certain limited-edition prints can certainly do a number on your bank account. However, if you do love the finer things in life — and have the budget to make it happen — go for it! Ultimately, it’s you who will have a rare photo in your home forever and a story to talk about with all your dinner guests.

Then again, you can also nab something excellent at a reasonable price. Unlike actual paintings — which usually look cheap if you buy them cheap — amazing photography art is often budget-friendly. Particularly if you’re looking for simplicity, patterns and colors, you won’t find much more value than the right picture in a humble frame.

Why Photography Art Is Worth a Thousand Words

Interior design can mean a lot of different things to different people. Most think about the style of furniture, colors, and even lighting. But there are ways to do a lot quite simply, and they may be the things people notice the most.

With photography art, you can make a big impact without too much effort. You can also go with any type of photos — or even change them down the line — to match the vision you want to create. Whether you’re a Rockefeller or stick working your way through college, wall photography will fit any budget,

These days, we’re inundated with photos on social media, but we typically only see and digest them on our smartphones. This means the impact is even bigger when you see photos up close and personal, which can help to better tell the story of your home.

As they say, a picture — and especially photography art — is worth a thousand words.