3 Bold Ideas For Your Dining Room Furniture


For a room that’s used quite often in a home, the dining room often goes overlooked when it comes to proper furnishing and thoughtful décor. Being a room that your family converges upon every evening (perhaps more often) the dining room holds special significance, and should be decorated as such with easy-to-do dining room ideas. It’s also the room you’re likely to spend the most time with guests in, for not only meals but chitchat and games as well. It is therefore vital to make it as functional and as beautiful as you can.

But beautiful and functional is only half the picture – you also want your dining room to be bold, to make a powerful design statement with its furniture. Luckily, you can do this without absolutely breaking the bank, though you will want to spend a bit (think of it as an investment) on quality solid wood furniture, which will last you a lifetime. So, without further ado, here is a list of the top three bold ideas for your dining room table and chairs

Get a Live Edge Table
If you love vintage or natural aesthetics for interior home décor, you should consider getting a live edge table. These tables can be manufactured from a variety of different woods, like oak, pine, maple, as well as other hardwoods, but what sets them apart from your standard solid wood table is that they retain the natural grain of the wood on the edges. This natural edge lends an element of earthiness to a dining room, a kind of “cabin in the woods” look that is sure to be a conversation starter.

Reclaimed Wood
For a more modern and industrial look, imagine a reclaimed wood table in your home dining room, with its lived-in surface and tough charm. Not only will its durability serve you and your family for years, but, being a repurposed piece of wood, this reclaimed yet industrial design generates a perfect centerpiece for hosting guests. You can see the history and character in all the various knots and lines of a reclaimed wood table, and it pairs really well with metal and brick.

Stylish Glass Toppings for the Table
A glass top dining table is not only stylish but also durable and fashionable. You can find these dining tables in round, square or rectangular – consider the shape of your dining room before you choose which shape you want. A rounded glass topping for the table, with a wood base, for instance, is an elegant nod to the modern Parisian style of dining room that can be decorated a number of ways. The great thing about these tables is that they don’t appear to take up space in the room, giving the room a more open and inviting look.

With any one of these three types of tables, you’ll be making a bold statement. If you want the type of furniture that gets fawned over whenever you hold dinner parties, you can’t go wrong with live edge, reclaimed and glass-top tables. Just remember to get them to use their coaster!