3 Dos and Don’ts of Pressure Washing Your Driveway


A clean driveway is a sign of a well-maintained house. However, many people don’t have the time to spend on this task. If you’re one of those people, then hiring a professional might be your best bet! But, what happens if you don’t want to go out and spend all that money?

You can surely keep your driveway clean and to a high standard using your own pressure washer, but to help ensure you have the best experience possible, in this blog post, we will go over three dos and don’ts for pressure washing your driveway.

Everything You Need to Know to Pressure Wash Your Driveway

Don’t use a pressure washer when there’s anything nearby that can be damaged.

This means you should move your car, lawn furniture, and any other items to safety before getting started! Also, make sure you’re doing this on a day with little or no wind, so debris doesn’t get blown into the area where you are cleaning.

You might be surprised with just how powerful your pressure washer is, especially if you’re using a high-end one, so keep clear the area to reduce your risk of breaking everything. A stray blast of water can so easily break a window or smash a pot, so don’t let it happen!

Do start by spraying the driveway with your standard garden hose

This is a great way to wet down your work area that will help high pressure washers do their job and also prevent any dirt from flying up into your face! You want to loosen everything up and clear the larger debris, so you don’t send large bits of dirt flying in all directions.

Don’t aim the pressure washer at yourself or anyone else.

This should go without saying, but not only is this dangerous to your property, but you could end up damaging someone and even sending them to a hospital. If you were to hit a sensitive part, like the mouth or eyes, you can cause permanent damage.

Do clear the area you’ll be working in before starting.

This will help to ensure a safe and efficient cleaning experience. Tip: Try not to clean your driveway when it’s wet outside; the water can make the surface too slippery, and you don’t want to fall over or make your life difficult.

Don’t wear loose-fitting, baggy clothing.

Avoid loose, baggy clothes with long sleeves when you’re pressure washing your driveway.

This is because it can get caught in moving parts of the machine and cause serious injury to yourself or others nearby! You should also avoid wearing anything that’s made from flammable materials like nylon.

Do wear protective clothing.

Do wear safety goggles and protective gloves to protect your skin and eyes from splashes of water, debris, or chemicals that may be involved in the process. If you’re using a commercial pressure washer, then it’s also recommended that you wear ear protection because they can get loud!


In conclusion, if you follow these dos and don’ts for pressure washing your driveway, then you’ll have a clean surface in no time!