3 Easy Tips On How To Recreate Meghan Markle’s Hair


Meghan Markle, also known as Rachel Zane on the Show Suits has taken away the heart of many, not only because of her fairy tale marrying a prince story but because she is undeniably stunning. The new duchess captivated the world by her simple and down to earth personality and irresistible charm. Thanks to her signature beautiful, long brunette locks that became a worldwide envy. However, you should not be jealous about her hair after all since we came up with five tips on what exactly you need to replicate Meghan’s royal hair.

The Style- Long, Loose and Wavy

The Duchess of Sussex distinct hairstyle is back length, loose chic waves that’s parted on the middle — a look that’s so easy to copy and most of the time flattering to everyone. If you already have long locks, add body to your hair through the loose waves. After shampoo and conditioner, use a tail comb to do the parting, starting from the tip of your nose as a guide. Prepare your hair for styling by using your favourite volume mousse then blow dry using a round brush to create those sultry waves.

Now if you are not blessed with a long hair, you don’t have to worry about it since you can get hair extensions easily. Either you try some clip in extensions first or go with permanent hair extension options, it’s better if you go with 100% Remy hair extension to mirror Meghan’s natural glow.

The Colour – Fiery Dark Brunette

A Deep Dark Brunette- is Meghan’s signature hair color. If you already have a dark base, you can accentuate by getting shades of very subtle medium- brown highlights. One hack to get this done by yourself is using clip in hair extensions, or you can also have semi-permanent options like tape in extensions for an always ready royal look. Human hair extension comes in handy since you can modify the way you look overnight, may it be for your wedding day, girl’s night out or just for daily styling, you can have your princess inspired hair in no time!

Now If you are a born Goldilocks and if you are already convinced that the Meghan hairstyle will look perfect on you, then you can go to your hair salon and dye your hair Brunette. You can ask your color artist to weave subtle highlights together with a lower volume peroxide until the hair becomes a lighter shade of brown.  Finish the look with a touch of chestnut-brown gloss. Just make sure to keep the highlights a couple of inches from the roots to make it a lower maintenance look. It appears that there’s a new royal trend, that you can’t be a princess unless you have long, wavy brown hair.

The Chic Messy Bun

While the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is usually seen with a Disney queen like big curls, clean and sleek ponytails and neat bouncy hairdos. Meghan’s marked the scene providing a different and refreshing look- her favourite casual, messy bun. The Sussex princess messy bun was her thing, and it was her go-to style. There is something about the not so perfect but chic hairdo make Meghan look much more approachable and captured the hearts of the crowd.

You can try this look by parting your hair as normal and taking two front sections forward on each side. Take the rest of your hair back into a messy low ponytail. Then do a bun by twisting your hair around the base of the ponytail but leave some of the length dangling. You can also curl the front section to create loose waves. Then seal it all together with a hairspray. Now if you find this all difficult or if your hair isn’t long enough, a more natural way is to get yourself a pony tail hair extension.

There you have it, and you don’t need to be royal or famous to achieve this trending Markle’s sexy and chic hairstyle.