3 Effective Tips For Acne Prone Skin


Professionals would agree that keeping your skin healthy with proper skincare is possible. And many might think that proper skincare means that you should use a dozen high-end cosmetic products that cost too much. But the truth is that your daily habits are the ones that you should focus on. Things such as healthy eating, drinking more water, washing your makeup brushes frequently, and cleaning your skin on a regular basis are not expensive, but will help you a lot. Read on and find out more about the best tips for acne prone skin!

Beauty Products Are Not Medicines

The most common mistake is purchasing as many cosmetic products as possible, just because they promise much. And often, this can only worsen the situation. If your problem is much bigger than a small spot here and there, you should consult a professional first. Red and inflamed acne breakout should be treated with medicines.

No matter how good is that face cream your first choice should be an anti-bacterial or antibiotic topical treatment that your doctor has prescribed. Check your local pharmacy, or visit online pharmacies such as The Independent Pharmacy for product recommendations.


Proper Skin Cleansing

Everyday skin cleansing can be a no-brainer, but the truth is that many of us do this all wrong. Cleaning is a must in the morning, so all of the oil buildups will be removed and your skin will breathe.

Also, it is important that you repeat the process in the evening in order to remove makeup and dirt. But don’t think that you are free to go if you haven’t had makeup the whole day. The natural oils of the skin can clog the pores, so make sure that you use a good cleaner every evening.

You would want to avoid drying your skin and ripping off its natural oils. Use a mild cleaner that does not leave your skin all flaky and dry.

Avoid Exposure To Contamination

One of the most important thing when dealing with problematic skin is to keep everything spotless. Every single thing that comes in touch with your skin should be perfectly clean. This way, you can prevent bacterial infection and inflammation. Use a clean and fresh towel after washing. Change your pillowcase frequently, so the excess oils will not clog your pores.

Also, keep in mind that beauty products should be kept away from your face. Hair styling products should not come in touch with the problematic skin, as they can clog the pores. Most of the products on the market contain silicones, that are responsible for keeping your hair silky smooth. These ingredients are highly comedogenic and you should avoid them in order to prevent new acne. The same goes for perfumes as well. Make sure that those tiny droplets don’t get to the problematic skin.

Do not forget that phones are a source of bacteria. We are constantly touching and dropping them off on dirty surfaces, and this dirt ends up on your face. Make sure that you wipe down the screen often to avoid breakout.