3 home renovation trends to watch out for


Home renovation might not be the most lucrative industry at the moment but as people are spending more time in their homes, it is inevitable that new trends and innovations will emerge. It can stem from broken down fittings or cabinets in your home, outdated designs or furnishings, or it can simply be inspiration caused by an excess of spare time. It would come as no surprise that your next project started out as an image you saw on social media. While carrying out these major renovation or home improvement ideas might need to wait until restrictions on social interactions are loosened, for the time being, here are three renovation ideas that might take hold in 2020 and beyond. 


The den: an upscaled man-cave

Where man-caves were all the rage when it came into vogue a few years ago, highlighting a room whose primary function was to allow the men to retreat into their shell and spend some time alone. It was the sophistication of the treehouse where girls were not allowed entry. In families or couple homes, it might not be as welcomed but a merger of a “she shed” or “ma’am cave” with the man-cave will give way to a den where couples can spend time together but separately. 

Cosier than a study, the den features a he and she table that can be joined together but works best in separate corners of the room so that each has their small bubble of personal space. There are no hard and fast rules to dens as it should be done up in the preference of the couple, but bookshelves, a reading nook, cabinets and even a gaming station would not be out of place. 

The garage: a home-workshop

Due to the lockdown, many have discovered their talents in crafting or reignited old passions which can allow them to sustain their livelihood through a little bit of entrepreneurship. You would be surprised at how many businesses were developed in garages – Apple, Disney, Amazon to name a few. While we aren’t saying that a new garage will turn you into the next Bill Gates, it is a small starting point, especially in these hard times. 

Turning your garage into a workspace can also help increase productivity, especially if you are working remotely. It sustains the illusion of heading out to work which will decrease the amount of distractions. This will keep you focused and away from the hustle and bustle of a home-life which can lead to procrastinations. 

The kitchen: your space of creativity

Many people have unleashed their inner chef and this could cause an upsurge in remodelling kitchens – as more people spend time in their kitchens, they will discover what changes need to be made in order to heighten efficiency. 

Some might even incorporate a vegetable or herb garden so they can have fresh produce at hand. This might require a little bit more elbow grease, especially if there isn’t much light in the kitchen to begin with. Getting large EcoTech windows can help with increasing the amount of sunlight in your kitchen.