3 Reasons to Choose Organic over Conventional Cosmetics


Seems like more and more organic products are taking place in the market. This represents the battle between organic vs. conventional. And organics are winning this battle. All natural and organic products are coming back to use. Without any bad ingredients included. And that brings down the conventional products and make them leaving. Changes are visible even in cosmetic products. From make-up, skin lotions and creams to everyday care products.

I am giving you 3 reasons to make a difference between these contrasting types of cosmetic products. Here are some that may impact your decision as a consumer.

  • Natural ingredients

When buying conventional creams, lotions or shampoo on the back of the product there is a list of ‘bad’ ingredients. Those ingredients are harmful for your skin. But how can you know. You see some improvement after using the product for the first time. But then comes the second, the third and you consciously put toxins on your skin. Too bad you have to find out when you spot a pimple or some allergy on the skin. Unlike conventional, organic cosmetic has only natural composition. Raw and fresh ingredients mixed with ingredients that are certified.

  • Eco-friendly

We all know if a product is organic it has to be certified and that means no extra pollution for the environment. The products made of organic farms are likely packed of natural bio degredable materials, glass packaging or some other material that can be used for other purpose or taken back to the store. The world and the consumer both have benefits from being eco-friendly in a world where pollution has a big percentage. It is your choice to save the environment by using organic products.

  • Effective results

The more natural, the more fragrance-free. Organic products have their natural fragrances, as a combination of all fresh ingredients. You may not like the way it smells, but the effect is more important. Not even colors are added. The color you see Is also a mix of all products nature shares with us. After all, everyone avoid products that can make you more harm than good. That leads us to skin without irritations, no allergies and has a smooth glowing effect, as a perfect reason to switch to natural. Even if you don’t see any results after applying and using the product, you will be more satisfied on the long run, saving you money you didn’t threw on useless products and your overall health.

Next time when you found yourself in the stores buying some skin products, turn over the product and carefully read the ingredients. Just don’t skip the ingredients because you like the design of the product, the quick effect you get, the perfect vanilla scent or the ‘easy to use’ packaging, skip it because you love your skin.