3 Small Changes to Increase Your Office Productivity Massively


The human mind is a fickle thing and even the smallest distractions can send our concentration wavering and our minds into an endless tunnel of thoughts that would often have us distracted from work for hours on end. In fact, the average office worker has to constantly fight off bouts of procrastination, discouragement and general fatigue brought on by the monotony of their desk jobs.

This is why we have devices 3 small changes that can spruce up your office life and bring back that spring in your step which ultimately leads to a more productive office time!

  1. Cleaning Up Your Work Environment

Most of us don’t realize this but a dirty work environment often means that you spend a significant amount of your time at work just searching for things. Also having a cluttered desk is often representative of a mind that is just very filled with all sorts of thoughts which can of course make it very hard to concentrate on the job at hand! This is where having an organised desk and a clean office setup can come in really handy as you do not have to waste any more time searching for things and can instead focus on getting your work done.

  1. Changing Your Desk

Sometimes a change in desk can work wonders for someone who has been sitting in the same cubicle facing the same people for months and even years on end. This one is pretty simple and just swapping over to a different desk can often lead to a fresh new view both for you and your perception at work. Of course, posture is also something that plays a big role in office productivity so if you find that if you are slouching a lot while at work or feel uncomfortable after a few hours of work at your desk, then do consider investing in an ergonomic office chair! Also if you feel cramped in a small cubicle, then switching to a standing desk can often be a work around as you feel more energetic and moving around if you stand while you are working. Do be aware tho that this isn’t something that works that well for everybody, so be sure to try one out before splurging on one – the automatic ones can be pretty expensive!

  1. Organizing Your Work Schedule

It is often common to get the feeling of being drowned in too much work especially when deadlines are looming near. If you are someone who suffers from procrastination a lot and ends up having to work extra hard when the deadline finally arrives then organisation might be your key ingredient. It is very important to breakdown your assigned workload into small manageable chunks and then put them up on your desk into to-do lists. It can often be the best way to kick start a day as you have a clear goal of what you need to achieve during that day and this means that you are not overthinking everything and just doing your job. To do lists and notes also provide a sense of accomplishment as you are able to tick things off once you manage to get them done, thus increasing your motivation to do better with every little step!

If you are someone who feels like office work has suddenly become too tedious for you, or maybe you are exceedingly fond of this quote from Jerome K Jerome-

‘I like work; it fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours.’

Whatever be the reason for you not being able to live upto your potential at work, do remember these 3 easy steps and no doubt you shall be reinvigorated with new energy to spruce up an otherwise boring office life!